Coach Will says “Posture Up”

Gorilla Posture Up

"Posture Up on ALL your lifts!"

"Yes, we mean it!"

Dog rounded back
"Ok, so not as perfect as Mr. 800lb Gorilla.  However, your posture should look far from Mr. Spotty above."

  Gorilla covering face
"But we certainly will not give up on you!"

"So, posture up!" as Coach Will says.  Open Gym is back on weekdays!

Thursday session with Coach Will Maloy from 5pm – 7pm.  Sign up for each session online.

One Response to “Coach Will says “Posture Up””

  1. Will.I.Am

    I just saw this today and could NOT stop laughing… That is by far the funniest batch of photos EVER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!