For Time Complete:

500m Row
500m Run

3 rounds

  • 15m Overhead Walking Lunges (45)(25)
  • 40 Situps
  • 15m Overhead Walking Lunges (45)(25)

2 Rounds

  • 10 Power Cleans (155)(105)
  • 20 CF Push-ups
  • 30 Pull-ups (Unbroken; 5 burpees to get back on the bar)


Post results to comments.


  Steph Summer Dustin Level 1 Cert Aug 7

Stephanie "Arnold", Summer "OMG" and Dustin "Kansas"  took their Level 1 Cert this past weekend.

 Congrats guys!

Bryan with Pullups in Taiwan

Bryan G aka "Playboy" managed to sneak in some pull-ups while he was in Taiwan last 2 weeks.

41 Responses to ““Herky-Jerky””

  1. chrissy c

    30:54 Not RX πŸ™‚
    Scaled: 60#PC/15 push ups each round-1st round funky CFPUs-2nd round regular push ups/15 pull ups each round

  2. Billdozer

    22:50(RX) Tough WOD, nice to see everyone at 530 this morning.

  3. Disco D Nicole

    40:00 (25#, 85#,kpu, green band)
    If anyone wants to donate to Navy Seal War Foundatiion go to
    nswfoundation.org or you can text $10 to 90999 text SEAL.

  4. Disco D Nicole

    Congrats to everyone on their certs!!!!!!

  5. Mike B

    Congrats on your level 1 certs!
    First time back since June 13th and what a WOD to welcome me back!
    34:54 (135 x2 reps then 115 throughout, band assisted pull-ups)
    Glad to be back in the box again!
    Also, thank you to everyone that came to Fuzzy’s on Friday the turnout was successful and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is better off for it. Thanks!

  6. The Dark Knight

    34:04 Crossfit got my soul this morning…tought WOD!

  7. Jackrabbit

    30:57 (95#)
    Nice job 830!
    Congrats on the certs guys….awesome!

  8. Will.I.Am

    Congrats on the certs y’all!!
    34:44 (Rx) Pullups blow… just sayin’.

  9. Josh B

    25:31 (RX). Enjoyed working out with the 8:30 crew!

  10. Bobo

    Congrats on the cert guys!
    24:12 RX.
    this wod might have been tough, but the heat made it quite pleasant.
    Things were going pretty well, but then the last round took eight minutes. sometimes that rubber floor feels like the most comfortable place in the world and you just don’t want to get up.
    Playboy, we shoulda made you a ‘I’m HUGE in Taiwan’ shirt.

  11. Speedy J

    Wish I could take part of this WOD – looks a bit brutal.
    Congratulations on the Certs!
    Back home on Friday!!

  12. dirtyD

    Ma Peregrine was our freckle-faced, curly haired drill sergeant terror in a blue tennis dress. She taught us everything PE from dodge ball to soccer. Her two most repeated maxims were “sorry never did anything” and “walk it off”. It was deemed lethal to sit down or lie down after max exertion. Today was my first time to lie supine after a WOD. Glad Ma was not there to see.
    85#, KPU, 4″BAPU
    Thanks for all your support, good job nooners.

  13. mario c

    Congrats to everyone on getting your Certs!
    mario c 23:45
    scaled the rounds this way:
    3 rounds
    β€’ 7.5m Overhead Walking Lunges (10)
    β€’ 20 Situps
    β€’ 7.5m Overhead Walking Lunges (10
    2 Rounds
    β€’ 5 Power Cleans (45)
    β€’ 10 CF Push-ups
    β€’ 15 Pull-ups – green band; stopped a few times but didn’t do any bupees.

  14. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    39:47 rx
    2 positives:
    1. I finished w/o puking
    2. Only had to do 5 burpees! 30 pullups unbroken in R2.

  15. T-REX

    33:27(RX). I am sick, but finished RX. However I feel I missed the point. You’re right G, need to listen to my body bc I was losing my wind the last round and took too many bresks. With that said, I hate to miss tomorrow, but happy to donate to the Seals. Congrats on the Certs, and good to meet PLove. Way to work 4 & 5!

  16. Ruel(the situation)

    Hot…hot….hot… @430p…
    Congrats guys for the cert!!!

  17. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    33:?? RX
    WOD brutality. Felt like I had just finished a wod after the lunges. Then starting the power cleans, pushups and PUs made it like a double wod. It was like twice the fun for only three times the pain πŸ˜‰
    Wods like this are like xmas morning. By the way, is it too early to ask for ’12 days of xmas’ for this xmas…50 minute time limit.

  18. Eric F.

    30:31 (Rx).
    Couldn’t get a full 30 pull ups in without burpees. Tough to do. Nice work Bryan G.

  19. Paige

    27:43 (10# OH Lunge, 55#PC, Ring PU)
    Nice to meet you T-REX! I would have ever known you were sick!
    Tough WOD!!! awesome job 5pm!!

  20. BJules

    Congrats Summer, Dustin, and Steph!!
    39:50 (band pullups)
    HOLY FREAKING SH*T I did 105# Power Cleans!!! Thanks Billy for the coaching!

  21. Babs

    33:50(10#OH Lunge, 55#PC,Green Band)No energy, had to do burpees tonight.

  22. OMG(Summer)

    Not sure on my time but pretty sure I didn’t make the 40min cut off. 105# power cleans got the best of me had to drop down to 95# need to learn to move my elbows faster. Thanks Billy for letting me finish and helping me thru the power cleans.

  23. Steve

    25# OH lunge, 120# power cleans
    Good to see Playboy back in action!

  24. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    25:48 (RX)
    Good WOD for me, I love some heavy powercleans and pull ups. Need to work on those push up they always slow me down. Pushed myself on the 500 run (since there was only one…thank GOD)! Great group at 5pm! TREX you looked great on those pull ups! Way to go Bjules on the heavy cleans! Congrats guys on your certs! Thanks G and Hernan for pushing me today! Billy thanks for letting me jump in even though I was late, I’ll try and remember my shorts next time πŸ™‚ Love ACF…just sayin!!! Excited about the Hero WOD tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM!

  25. Bernard Bauri

    Beast mode WOD….good times with 7 pm class…thanks Billy and class for your help to the finish!
    45/35 #OH lunges
    Abmat sit-ups
    135 power cleans
    Ring pull ups
    B Bauri

  26. Nisha

    36:43 (black band)
    Hit the pullup station around minute 25 and then took waaayyyy too long to get through those 2 rounds..ugghh….but happy with the 105# cleans πŸ™‚
    Was nice to see PlayBoy back in action….
    @ Abbye: you worked out without shorts??!! No wonder you flew through the WOD today πŸ˜‰

  27. G

    27:50 (Rx) – 1st round of Pull-ups was 16 then 14, so 1 set of 5 burpees and the 2nd round I did 2 sets of burpees for coming off twice. But the best thing is I did not rip – Yay for me…..good to go for ACF’s Hero WOD tomorrow with the pull-up bar again!
    Thanks for the push Coach Daniel, Wolverine and Arnold. Great energy working out with the 4pm crew!

  28. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Julie D!
    Good to see Playboy, Wingman, FPR, Conor, MikeB, Sonny, Doc, Steve W, Tiger, JRabbit and Sirun back in action!
    @T-Rex, no worries…now you know what to do next time! Hope you feel better and get lots of rest!
    @Dirty D, sounds like my kind of PE teacher this Ma Peregrine you talk about πŸ™‚
    @Nisha, yes….I believe Rocky Top was shortless and that gave her the edge on the runs – LOL!
    @Matt H – good job on the 115#!
    Way to be troopers on loading up and rolling up your sleeves gals and guys!
    Big classes today – lots of energy! Way to put in the hard work everyone!

  29. The Nomad

    33:10 rx – with a little smack talk to silverback! ….he beat me again.

  30. FPR

    22:41 (Rx)
    First WOD after a long break…Glad to be able to workout again!!

  31. Sirun

    34:02 scaled the following:
    #10 overhead lunges
    Abmat situps
    Pushups with knee
    First set of RR, finished 15 before going to burpees, second set had to do two sets of burpees. I am just glad I finished this WOD!
    Looked in the mirror this morning, I start to have ChunLi thighs, haha!

  32. G

    @Arnold, always here for ya πŸ™‚
    @Sirun, ChunLi is an awesome legendary streetfighter….girl power!