“Jason Lives”

3 Rounds for time:

400m Run
10 Squat Cleans (155)(105)
21 KB Swings (53)(40)

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Happy Birthday Toe!! This is her 3rd birthday celebration with us!

24" Box Jumps – Way to go Toe!!!

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  1. mario c

    Hey Toe: I got only one word for you concerning your 24″ box jump — WHOA!

  2. 'prego' Teach

    17:27 (Rx)
    My runs are so slow, but I’ll take an Rx when I can get it! Fun work with the Pacemakers this morning!
    Happy Birthday Toe!

  3. Special K

    Yay Toe!!! Happy Birthday!! Make it amazing!
    19:07 (90#, 44#)
    Since Arnold got a little mushy, so will I. I couldn’t agree more. Every day that I enter the box, I’m always stoked about the WOD itself, but our ACF coaches and community in general, just make it that much better. Thanks Ramrod for making me increase my weight today, y’all push us farther than we can push ourselves and that is what makes our box so fantabulous!!!
    Great job 0830!!

  4. Plove

    22:48 75#SC 30#KB
    I’ve definitely had better workouts! My shoulder didn’t want to cooperate with me today :/
    I have a week at Atomic left before I head to school and it makes me so sad! I am so happy that I found crossfit and such an amazing gym and family to be apart of! Thanks so much for everyones support!

  5. Alice S

    Happy Birthday Toe!!! Woooohooo!!!
    Ladies we agree101%… No Doubt!!!

  6. dirtyD

    Still got some spring in your step, Toh!
    Happy birthday and many happy returns.
    Enjoy your Day.

  7. Coach Jim

    Happy B-day Toe!
    16.02 (135)Just Brutal. This one chokes you out.
    Plove, we’ll miss you! Keep CrossFitting!
    A&M Zach is leaving for College Station and we wish him the best as well. He has made tremendous progress, and a hole in the wall πŸ˜‰ this summer@ACF. Good luck and Godspeed!
    Steph, the programming only works when you do the work. Way to DO WORK GIRL!
    To all our ACF Family, we simply love coaching and have a dedicated team of experienced coaches that love what they do! Thanks for choosing US! We do our best.

  8. Coach Jim

    I forgot to mention Xander. He is moving to SA soon also. Going to miss that dude’s intensity and athleticism! He earned his black beanie on Sunday! I’m so encouraged to see young people find and embrace CrossFit! All us old people wish we had it when we were 20….
    He is a Beast in the making!

  9. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday TOE! I have missed you.
    16:02(RX) Tough to pick up that bar after a while, way to catch me on the last round Josh, I try not to let that happen, but you earned it.

  10. Speedy J

    ACF ROCKS! The posts, the humor, the work and SMOLDER has helped me get through this temporary seperation. It has never felt so sweet to sign up for class – see you tomorrow at 5pm!!

  11. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Toe!!!!!!!!
    24:46 (75#, 35#)

  12. Disco D Nicole

    I agree with Steph C-note and special K……. The coaches encourage us to work harder and to believe we can do it….. Everyday I am amazed by what I have acomplished but still have a lot of work to do.

  13. DIVA

    Well I am taking the day off, but I have nothing better to do than creep on the Crossfit website all day at work… probably because I am addicted.
    But, I have one week left, and it has been such an amazing experience. I am so sad that I am leaving, but I have found a new box in California. It definitely won’t be the same, but I will be joining y’all when I come back for Holidays. Thank you to all of the coaches for pushing me and helping me become stronger, physically and mentally. As Todd says, I’ve drank too much crossfit kool-aid.
    Happy Birthday TOE!

  14. T-REX

    16:53(RX). 2 days on antibiotics for strep throat, but had to come in and sweat it out at noon. Good job Robert, thx Ramrod! Hbd toe, and good luck to all returning to school

  15. JohnnyB

    Happy Birthday TOE!! I liked the way you JUMP…:)
    20:56 RX
    Thank Coach D & Coach Will for the push!
    Chad, you’re freaking FAST!
    Good to see you Ate Chit…

  16. G

    16:42 (Rx) Fun working out with the 8:30am crew. Yes, it’s been too long battling side by side with you Arnold. Glad I got to do it today with ya!
    @Disco, we all have a lot of work to do and the focus always changes. That is why we will never be complacent in CrossFit. Way to push this morning!
    Yay! Speedy J is coming home!
    Just got choked up reading the earlier posts today. Like Jim said, we do our best and we are devoted to our athletes!
    Good luck to all who are going back to college soon!
    I know A&M Zach will continue to follow ACF’s WODs. As he mentioned to me on many occasions, his training stepped up as soon as he set foot in our box – MUs and HSPU in a few months! I’m still waiting for him to post his comments here…. πŸ™‚
    Xander, A&M Zach, DIVA, Stacy, PLove – keep up with the training, mobility, balance with rest/recovery and clean nutrition. Keep CrossFitting!

  17. Gina

    TOE….HAPPY BIRTHDAY & I miss working out with you and your lovely smile! Nice jumps! πŸ™‚
    I love my ACF family & am sooo thankful for all the encouragement (and grief) we give each other. I’m glad I look forward to coming to the box, no matter how bad my day/week has been.
    17:42 RX (never done 40#kb & got all unbroken!)
    Thanks Abbie for the pre-WOD strategy session. It worked!

  18. G

    Awesome Gina!
    Let’s welcome Edmond! He did his baseline with Coach Daniel tonight!
    Mindbody found the fix on the SIGN-UP button that was causing to be unavailable for the 8:30am class on Monday and Tuesday. We were one of a few clients who had the same problem. It should be good to go now. Please let me know if you come across this problem again. They want to know the pattern should it occur again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

  19. The Nomad

    19:25 (135) – Thanks Coach Will for working with me on my weightlifting technique after the WOD.
    Did yesterdays Metcon as well: 8:14 – did last set of DUs unbroken…kind of surprised myself.
    HBD Toe! I agree…only ONE ACF!

  20. Will.I.Am

    HBD Toe!!!!! Awesome box jumps!!! The box jump is just like the catch of either Oly Lift.
    @Johnny B: always got something to say, I do. Just glad it helped!
    Set me goal today to get w/ in 10sec of the Dozer. He musta been takin’ care of Addison this mornin’.
    OG (open gym): keep the posture Lasts and Bullhorn. Well done nomad improving, and Disco D: keep working on those pullups and hspu’s.
    Love this kettle.

  21. wolverine

    16:00 rx
    Teach and Jen, you are some amazing women!
    HBD again Toe!


    Ok men i finalized the deal with the bowling alley. So this is hoW man night will play out, which also is the night JP will finally become a man, he will never forget this night as long as he lives. Also it’s actually JB’s bday. Any ways we will meet at the box at 6 we have reservations at fogo at 7pm. Then we have 4 lanes reserved at 300 bowling alley from 10- 1am it will cost 32.25 a person and that includes some snacks and soft drinks. Sorry they made us get the food with the deal. So no excuses don’t bitch and moan. Be there and have fun. Call me if you have question, but don’t call to complain!

  23. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Toe!
    Since I have been missing CF, got home and did my own WOD.
    2 Rounds
    1 Mile Run
    25 Burpees
    50 Squats
    25 Sit-ups
    25 CF push-ups

  24. 'prego' Jen C

    Happy Birthday Toe!
    23:10 (65#, 26#kb)
    This heat is brutal!

  25. 'prego' Teach

    Lots of awesomeness at the box tonight!
    Timbo Slice wins the hero award for tonight! Things weren’t going his way, but he didn’t quit and finished the WOD!!
    We will miss our college peeps this year! You guys all keep up the hard work and come back and visit when you are in town.
    I LOVE being a part of this community and honored that I get to spend time coaching such wonderful people and athletes.