“Crash Couch”

Front Squat
5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning)
100m sprint EMOTM for 12 minutes


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Ingrid!

70 Responses to ““Crash Couch””


    Could not wake up this morning, but the thought of mans day kept me going, in less than 24 hours we will wreck havoc on Houston like the Rodney king riots!!!! Prepare yourselves!!!

  2. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Ingrid!! Way to dominate that sled!

  3. chrissy c

    Thanks G, for telling me when to come up!! πŸ™‚
    Skipped the sprints, did my wallball instead.

  4. BB2

    Happy Birthday Ingrid!
    12 for 12 on the Sprints. Tough to keep the times close on those. 17sec-20sec avg.

  5. Jerry

    great work out to end my 5th week doing cross fit. set a pr on front squats (195) such a vast improvement from the 1st time i did them just a few weeks ago. just felt alot more comfortable. 12 for 12 on the sprints. have a great weekend. hope man night is epic and i hope to make the next one.

  6. Mike B

    12 for 12 on the sprints. The first 4 were good, the last 8 were killer

  7. Billdozer

    205-225-245-265(1)-265(2) Just couldn’t get the last one. Great sharing the bar with my other half of Team Mega-Rod, and Anthony. Sprints were fun for 1 or 2, I didn’t really pay attention but I think I averaged between 9.5 and 10 seconds per sprint.
    Everybody take the day off from work and rest up, Man day/night is coming! Loud Noises!
    Also….Arnold, I don’t want to see you spying on us from the corner in a trenchcoat or something, we will call security. I’m sure you will get your ladies day at the nail salon soon enough.

  8. mario c

    mario c 45(3) – 45(3) – 45 – 45 – 65
    12 for 12 averaged in the low 30’s.

  9. Coach Jim

    Tomorrow’s Epic WOD is on the ACF Facebook page. If you are not our friend on Facebook then what are you doing here? πŸ˜‰



  11. Plove

    65-75-85-105-115(2) PR!! πŸ™‚
    Today was my last WOD before I go back to school! I am going to miss everytone so much πŸ™ Thanks you to all the coaches and wonderful people at ACF! I am now obsessed with crossfit and even if I don’t have a box to do it at, thats not going to stop me from doing the WODs at the rec!! Just 3 months at ACF has made a huge impact on me and i thank everyone for that!
    I will drop in when i’m home! see everyone again soon!

  12. The Nomad

    12 for 12 on the sprints. Averaged between 16 and 23 seconds. Fun little 9:30 class.
    HBD Ingrid!

  13. Sirun

    HBD Ingrid!
    Definitely can do this WOD if I can get out of work before 6pm! Plus hands/wrists have been on and off, still not 100% (sigh *), but my legs can use the workout!
    I still think the Rent-an-island is a good idea for Women’s Day(s)…just saying…

  14. BB2

    Arnold, your short sightedness on the “dinner and bowling” comment is staggering. The jealousy is understandable, but so much so that your cognitive abilities are compromised… really indicates the need for professional help. Please seek a good counselor as we are all very concerned.

  15. Billdozer

    Arnold, Arnold, Arnold. What else could you guys possibly do for Women’s Night? Nail Salon and Quilting, that’s it. Jim is correct, this is much more than dinner and bowling. We could own Fogo De Chao after this excursion, people will talk of our exploits on this night for many years to come.



  17. G

    For crying out loud! All this hogwash and abuse of bandwidth all day towards Arnold and women-bashing! Bullhorn…there better be no hangover for SOS!

  18. Disco D Nicole

    Boys boys boys, There’s no hating on Arnold…… What ever we decide on what our Ladies night out is always epic. We are neither jealous or have to brag in order to compensate for short comings. We strong women of Atomic Crossfit have no weakness. I would also suggest not making the women of Atomic Crossfit angry because it would not be pretty for your sake…. We’ve got your back Arnold!!!! You boys have a great time having dinner and bowling. DONT lose SOS or there will be hell to pay……
    Happy Birthday Ingrid!!!!!!

  19. BB2

    SOS will be well guarded. He is a fragile creature and priceless resource that ACF needs to protect. He is our only hope for a CF Games Champion.
    Men of ACF; SOS shall not be harmed or violated in any way.

  20. Flying Fred Curry

    I just heard on the news that Fogo De Chao has decided to close down the restaurant tomorrow night to everyone except for the ACF men, and they’ll have an extra 100 head of cattle behind the back to be sure everyone leaves satisfied. Also, that this party will be served only by topless, big-busted waitresses…

  21. George

    HBD Ingrid
    Good FS for me today
    Good 12 sprints
    Good rest tonight
    Good protection for SOS tomorrow

  22. Disco D Nicole

    No, Lord of the fly 2.0 but The Circle Of Life Mufasa……

  23. The situation

    Got my official atomic log book… Very nice and can’t wait to fill it up..
    Awesome job 830 crew!!!
    Happy birthday , Ingrid!!!!!

  24. ingrid

    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone. I’m thankful to be a part of our ACF Family.
    Looks like Man’s Night has taken great force and our ACF men will be painting the town red.

  25. S*Nash

    75-85-105-110-115 (2)
    Sooo close to getting the 3rd rep, my legs and butt came up and my top half fell forward, but elbows up, not sure how that happens. Awesome.
    Thank you to George and Josh for not leaving me in the dust on that last sprint and letting me set the pace. So nice! Also, took a rest for a sprint set, it was just too damn hot at noon!
    Not even going to comment on all the “Mans Night” mayhem talk and Cal’s misspellings that litter this blog

  26. S*Nash

    BUT, for the record, I love the nail salon πŸ™‚ And challenging us to create a better “Woman’s night” (that’s for you Cal), will put a HUGE dent in your wallets πŸ™‚

  27. TC

    I just got back in town and smell a storm brewing!!!! Wait I think that may just be the glory that is MAN’S NIGHT!!!! There is a reason most bars have ladies night on Wednesday, and that is because they are LAME!!!!! I cant wait for this WOD in the morning to build the hunger in the beast!!!!

  28. Disco D Nicole

    Would you be building the hunger in the beast at Curves for Women…..

  29. Bullhorn

    Oh and by the way I challenge y’all to have a better night out than us. No lady could scare me with there threats I’d denting my wallet, cause I have been through a divorce and that was a crater, so I am ready hahahaha

  30. BB2

    Disco D, that was uncalled for! Curves? Really? This is TC we are talking about here! You take that back!

  31. S*Nash

    Apparently TC has never heard of the show Bar Rescue, which clearly states that no bar, yes, no bar, would survive without catering to women. If the bar can’t pull in women, it fails. Just sayin…
    And Cal, we’re not jealous, we just like to get under your skin, you should know this by now πŸ™‚
    And it’s “their” not “there” when you’re talking about people, not places πŸ™‚

  32. T-REX

    120-125-145-150-150. Great sharing the bar w/ G, and Speedy J and Arnold’s eye brow, always a pleasure! Still putting TX rock gym out there for the ladies πŸ™‚

  33. Disco D Nicole

    Oh gosh TC I’m so sorry……… Maybe I should enroll you and bullhorn in Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies and order matching blue striped shorty shorts and tank….. Beastly!!!!!!

  34. SpeedyJ

    135-155-175-185-200(1) PR! But wish I was able to get get 3, to far forward..never good for front squat. Thanks Daniel..fun to share the bar Arnold – great job 5pm!!
    Wishing the men of ACF a great night out..be safe, have fun…ladies, our time will soon come and there will be no comparison..

  35. Silverback

    Oh for sure you ladies will have so much more fun than us. With all the cuticle cutting, climbing plastic walls and quilting, how can us men think that all that meat, beer, farting and bowling can compare…

  36. Disco D Nicole

    You forgot the renting an island with really really hot cabana men!


    I am more into mall walking no sweating the oldies for me! Men it’s time to get your minds right for strip club. I reserved a table at TRESURES ! That’s when we will be truly sweating to some music!

  38. Disco D Nicole

    Silverback are you trying to get on our rented island because you know you will have fun with us!!!!!! If you crossover, you will be consider a really really hot cabana man…..

  39. G

    Good Bullhorn because it has been confirmed. I’m sending a group of maphys to meet with you all at “Treasures”. What time again?

  40. G

    Thanks Coach Daniel.
    Far from my 1RM of 165 this year…I’ll work on it! I may try raising one eye brown next time. Fun sharing the bar with ya TRex!
    12 of 12 on sprints and kept within 3 seconds tailing from Speedy every time. That just about wasted my hammies, especially the left side. Thanks for the setting the pace Speedy J!
    Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. But also looking forward to athletes attacking the WOD tomorrow. Very Rad!

  41. G

    Good job on your first WOD James W!
    Nice to see Sirun, TMac and Kate back in action!
    Nicely done fixing your stance and pushing the knees out to track over your toes guys and gals!
    Love the sprints! Btw, there are a lot of 5k and long distance running clubs out there! I’d like to know if there is a 100meter (200m or 400m) sprint running club. Be sure to call me because I don’t know of any. So, kudos to you all for getting some in CrossFit!

  42. G

    One more…it was also good to see Steeler Matt back in action from the other day and yesterday!

  43. Will.I.Am

    I’ll don the Richie Simmons-esque striped shorts and sweat to the oldies. But only if I get $450,000 in $20 bills. Place them in 4 large black duffel bags and drop them at the corner of Texas and Crawford in the trash can. It has to be dropped off tonight by midnight. That’s how we’re going to buy Fogo de Chao and all the cattle behind it. Also, please feel free to spell check and grammatically correct my post. It should be quite accurate. Now, that being said, I’d like to proceed with my normal post.
    I hit 223-243-267-313-333… Rocked the last one apparently. It felt a little off but not enough to make me feel any less proud of it.
    The 100m runs got my feet more than my body. Sweet blister formed, then promptly burst. Got roughly 15-18 sec everytime.
    Also, ladies, y’all will have a blast on Rent-a-Island. It’s a nice place, we’ll send pictures of the destruction.

  44. TC

    Jim can we play so oldies for Disco tomorrow? I will get the shorts from Lingo!