“Weapon Of Choice”

Team WOD – Teams of 3 or 4

  • The team will begins each station with a 200m run.
  • Each team member then takes his/her position at one of the exercises (one person per exercise)
  • The team then performs the exercises simultaneously
  • Once everyone has completed the exercise the team rotates to the next exercise in the SAME station.
  • Once again, everyone performs the exercises at the same time.
  • The team rotates again, and continues to rotate through the exercises at the station until all team members have done all exercises at the station. If there are 4 per team, there will be one person resting each rotation.
  • After the station is complete the team runs again and moves to the next station. Same rules apply.
  •  The final station the team finishes with 5 rope climbs (cumulative, but everyone must at least do one)

For time complete the following stations as described above:

Run 200m as a team then move to station 1
Station 1

10 Burpees
15 Pull-ups
20 CF Push-ups
Run 200m as a team then move to station 2

Station 2

5 Power Clean (155)(105) – (95)(65)
5 Squat Clean (155)(105) – (95)(65)
5 Push Jerk (155)(105) – (95)(65)
Run 200m as a team then move to station 3

Station 3

15 Ring Dips (Parallet Dips)
5   HSPU  (Pike Push-ups)
15 KB Swings (53)(40)
Run 200m as a team then move to station 4

Station 4

25 Wall ball (20)(14)
10 Sprints 25m (outside)
250m Row
Run 200m as a team then move to station 5

Station 5

Setup a rack for OHS. Change weight as necessary. One rack per team.

5 – Back Squats (155)(95) – (115) (65)
5 – Front Squats (155)(95) – (115) (65)
2 – OHS (185)(125) – (135) (95) – (Heavy)
5 Rope climbs as a team. (Ground rope pull x5 = 1rep)



Happy Birthday Coach JB aka Bobo/John!

Happy Birthday Tim M aka TimboSlice!  Tim is shown with his daughter, Callie aka Diva, who will be heading back to college.

19 Responses to ““Weapon Of Choice””

  1. 'prego' Jen C

    Happy birthday guys! Hope you have an amazing day!

  2. G

    Arnold, I am ready for our photo op. We can make you famous 🙂 I’m thinking we should do it at the Labor Beach Bash.
    Great job today teams! WOW! Big crowd putting in the work early on a Saturday morning! Way to work hard everyone! So proud of the effort you all put forth!
    Enjoy your birthday celebration JB and Tim!

  3. Gina

    Happy birthday Tim & KB!!!
    Arnold, you are a beast!!! Awesome job on 125OHS!!!
    Ashley, great to meet you ‘again’ and way to go on 1st rope climb!
    We had a ROCKING team today!!!

  4. SpeedyJ

    Happy Birthday Tim & JB!!
    I may have to do this WOD tomorrow…looks to good to pass up.

  5. G

    For sure, I’ll be at the box tomorrow Speedy J! I think I cleared you from the Thundercrack team practice. BB2 and Bobo both want a shot on this WOD as well!
    Btw, Great milestone on your first rope climb Ashley O!
    Anthony is officially drinking the kool-aide. He said he will be practicing hand stand holds from here and on – very nice !!!

  6. Todd

    Good work, Anthony and Brian. Way to forge through on those heavy lifts.
    Happy birthday, guys! Stay classy.

  7. jerry

    missed the saturday wod due to work but i referenced my sweet new atomic cross fit journal and went to the gym in the afternoon. did “cindy” 12 reps in the 20 minutw amrap. see yall bright and early monday with the pacemakers.