Born Free

Bench Press

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

  • 75 pound Shoulder press, 4 reps
  • 75 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 8 reps
  • 75 pound Front squat, 12 reps

CrossFit Games Site featured an article written by our very own Julia Morris aka JMO, “Make It To Sunday” [Read article]

Motivational Sign

8 Responses to “Born Free”

  1. just jerry

    195-205-215-225-235 (4)/ 6+4 (rx)
    Good job 5:30. Nice sharing the bar with keith and doug.

  2. T-REX

    85-95-100-105-110(1). 9+1. Nice sharing the bar w/ Tara and Andi! Thx Daniel! Thx Toe and Nicole for you know what! Lol! 😉 My bad Kyle =)

  3. George

    Somedays you just feel freaking good.
    @ Kyle’s situation today. This deserves a nickname. Jailbreak, Lockup, FMN (forget me not), Loneranger, “Echo” as in Hello Hello Hello.

  4. Andi-An

    METCON / 7+13 RX
    Sounds like I left before Kyle got imprisoned. Last I heard we were having a party not lock-down?!?!