Monthly Archives: April 2013

Welcome Aboard!

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that Sid Nueno, who has been with Atomic CrossFit for 2.5 years, is now part of our coaching staff at Atomic CrossFit.  Dedicated to helping others, he is going to be an asset to our coaching team.

Clean & Jerk

The timing of this video couldn’t get any better! (video c/o “Think about the arms simply towing the weight, then jump, move around it from behind and land to catch it at positions we practice everyday.  Those words can’t even describe what is happening in that video!  It’s like magic – pure poetry in […]

Demon Night

For Time 21-15-9-6-3 Power Snatch (95)(65) Ring Dips Ball Slam Getups (20)(15) EMOTM  – 10 DUs   Post time and scale in comments. ACF at Bayou City CrossFit's Battle Buddy this past weekend.

Dr Rosenrose

Team WOD   200m Team Run 50m Team Tire Flips 200m Run 50m Team Tire Carry 200m Run 100 Sledge Hammer Strikes 200m Run   Then 10 Rounds relay style of 20 Squats 10 Toes to Bar 5 Burpees   Post time and scale to comments. Happy Birthday George Colligan!

Medical Miracle

3 Rounds for time:   800m Run 10 Power Cleans (135)(95) 10 Back Squats (135)(95) 2 Rope Climbs (15')   Post time and scale in comments.   Great tips!!

Pop Culture

For Time:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1   Deadlift (225)(155) Pull-ups Ring Dips HSPU   Post time and scale in comments. Matt H aka Napkin from this year's Team Sting Competition.

Provo, Spain

 Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 ————- 3 Rounds For time: 7 Hang Clean (225)(135) 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24")(20")   Post loads, time and scale in comments. Happy Birthday Grace J aka T.O.G.!    

May On Ramp Fundamentals Course

Our On Ramp Fundamentals Course, which is a prerequisite to attending our regular workouts (WODs) starts again in a week.  We have tried numerous ways to indoctrinate folks new to CrossFit, and have determined that an On Ramp program is the by far the best way for “newbies” to get acclimated to the demand of […]

Lactic Loving Beast

For Time   75 Wallball (20)(14) Run 500m 75 Wallball Row 500m   Post time and scale in comments. "I made a commitment to Team Atomic in the beginning of the year. Our team dynamics are very strong, our strengths complement each other really well. I have worked hard to get stronger and have honed […]