Filthy Fifty

Warm-Up: 500m jog and mobility on hips, shoulders, legs and back as needed

“Filthy Fifty” (CrossFit.Com)

For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds – DO NOT DROP EMPTY BARS!
50 Back extensions (scale: Good Mornings)
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Scale (A) “Dirty Thirty” (30 Reps on all movements)

Compare to July 27, 2012

Post time and scale in comments.

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27 Responses to “Filthy Fifty”

  1. Cassandra Williams

    Baaaahahaha!!!!! WTH? Here we go…. 🙂

      • Cassandra Williams

        Here was my “fun.” I think you mean “fatigue.” 🙂
        Filthy Fifty
        Scaled weights: (20″, wb-10#, lateral hops)

  2. Gina

    Oh yeah, it was ‘fun’

    33:04 (18″, 26#, ktair)
    First time to do the filthy fifty.
    Did kb & back ext unbroken, pp & wb in sets of 10. Thought it was 20″ box 🙁

    Great to have a big group this am! Got to see Robin and she still had to do burpees! 🙂

  3. Bear

    I’d imagine this will feel great at the end. Going to a fun filled day though

  4. Luchador Wrestler

    Dang. Today was going to be rest. See ya later today.

  5. Sid Nueno

    Sorry I missed the 6:30am crew TIMBO and Chalkman I’ll be back to battle next week….Great class last night …look forward to next week!

    Gonna miss FIlthy Fifty today but will get in there and get in on the fun I missed out last night…Happy Friday people…

    • Jim Kelly

      Timbo Slice was pissed! He was looking forward to a Bro session like last week!

  6. TIMBO

    Last Friday Chalk Man, Ugh, Landfill and I had a great race. It was decided we would all 4 meet again this Friday at 6:30 to do it again. Whatever the wod it did not matter! Well guess what, I am the only one of that group that showed. I think I was set up.

    28:36 RX 6:25 faster than my last filthy fifty. Thanks Grace for the push.

    As I typed this I see Sid fessed up that he no showed. This wod is a great start to the weekend

  7. Iceman

    Dirty 30 – regretting not doing Filthy 50.

    20:10 (good mornings w/ 25#, 14# wall ball, lateral hops)

  8. sonal

    24:26 Rx
    Well I’m glad thats over !!!!!

    Happy friday 🙂

  9. Panda


    Hit the kbs and push presses unbkn but that meant 2s n 3s on the kte b/c my panda paws weren’t gripping the bar… Oh and thx G for helping me “embrace the grind.” Great Fun!!! Almost 2min faster.

  10. landfil

    Awww man, my bad Timbo.
    I slept through my alarm this morning and didn’t wake up ’til a little bit after 7.
    I know…I know…no excuses.

  11. Jimy

    23:21 (V-ups instead of KTE)

    Great nooner with tenacious, fire-breathing hotties today! Good game G, Andi, Jessica, & Cara.

  12. Southpaw

    Last time I did it as Dirty 30 & I told myself then that I would do the Filthy 50 next time, which is today. But I can’t go today. 🙁

    Rats! I hate missing wods because of the day job(s)! Hoping to come back soon.

    Y’all enjoy!

  13. carahinojosa

    Wrote it wrong on the board. Here’s what really happened :)…..
    20″, 26#kb, 35#pp, scaled back to 30 on the back extensions, wall balls (10#), and burpees, then 50 lateral hops. I wrote on the board that I scaled back KTE, but I didn’t. Great (and not intimidating at all!) working out with the beasts at noon–great work Grace, Andi, Jessica, and the Jimy! One day I, too, will rx and I won’t have to write a novel on here.

  14. andi


    WOW! DU’s fought me bad today! Thanks so much Daniel, Grace, Jess & Jimy for not letting me be a Big Can of Quit!

    Way to Rock-the-Tank today Jimy!!

  15. Adam Segal

    32:59 filthy fifty. Started out well drawing blood on Box jumps! Kte cheated a bit with feet hitting ground. Lateral hops. 24″ 20 lb wb

  16. G

    25:13 (20″ BJ,14# WB)
    3 min faster than last time! Woohoo!
    Iceman, agreed you should do 50 reps next time!
    Wow, Sonal and Trip!!! Way to work with the 20# wallball!!
    Way to “embrace the grind” everyone!

  17. Chalkman

    22:18 (Rx)

    Saturday 7am with JB!

  18. Matt Hostetter

    29:03 Rx

    Took one minute off last July’s go-around.

  19. lauraD

    Just found in my wodbook: 38:40
    20″ BJ, 26# KB, KTAir, 35# PP, 6# WB, no hop in burpees, 21 of the DUs unbroken