EMOTM until you a your partner hit 100 Burpees
5 thrusters (95/65)
Remaining time do as many Burpees as possible.
Alternate every minute
Resting partner holds Deadlift (135)(95)

Rest 3 minutes

5 Rounds each (all rounds done partner 1 first, then partner 2)
EMOTM Shuttle run 5-10-15
Remaining time do as many KB swings as possible (53)(35)
Score is number of swings.
Resting partner holds sandbag off ground

Post time and scale in comments.

Happy Birthday Don M aka Maddog!  (Out for Blood Swimming WOD c/o Master G)

Don Maddog Swim WOD 2012

4 Responses to “Wood”

  1. Jim Kelly

    Happy B-day Don. We miss you! Good working with Joe Locks to day! 21:00 (102 reps) Rx

  2. Michael Breeden

    Happy Birthday “Maddog”!

  3. Sex Panther

    Happy Birthday Don!!

    fun wod today, good working with Sebastian!

    23:00 (101 reps) Rx

  4. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Don!

    Running drills today, then 3 person team WOD 10 minute AMRAP
    1 person hold plank
    1 person run 10 meters
    1 person do burpees

    Runner starts at plank station & runs to burpee station then team rotates & runner does burpees & 1st burpee guy runs to planner then rotate again. Score is combined # burpees in the 10 minutes.

    My team got 167 burpees.

    Great day to be outside!