5 continuous 5 min rounds.  At the top of every 5 min run 400m and perform the following:
7 DL (225/135)
14 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
21 Wall Ball (20/14)

If completed under 5 min rest the remaining time.

Post number of rounds missed and scale in comments.

ACF Elkins baseball
ACF’s Seniors, Kyle “SOF”, Josh M and JP “SOS” say farewell to Elkins High School Varsity Baseball
as the season ended this week. Great job on all your hard work!

24 Responses to “Painstorm”

  1. Sex Panther

    4 rds missed (62 reps) 205,14

  2. Sid aka ugh

    0 misses rx good to see the morning folk

  3. Iron E

    3 rds missed @ 155#, 20″, 14#
    Nice to meet ya Drew.

    • Iron E

      All of my misses occurred during wall balls. I lost count on how many wall balls I missed 🙁

  4. just jerry

    1 rd missed (rx) last 4 wall balls. So close… definitely a fun wod. Good job 5:30.

    Open gym: front squats 5×3

    I like the archive section since I never write down my strength stuff. I’ll just post in here.

  5. Iceman

    3 rounds missed (46 wall balls) – 185# dead lift, 14# wall balls

  6. landfil

    0 misses RX.
    Fun 6:30 session as usual, and Chalkman has convinced me to stay at 225 for deadlifts for these types of workouts.
    Nice seeing Will in the morning.

  7. Trip

    0 misses RX

    Killer WOD! Good times with the 8:30 class.
    Great coaching Grace!!

  8. arnold

    Good looking kids! Must have good genes 🙂

  9. Panda

    Good job fighting thru this one 530&630 crews! It looks tough!

  10. G

    1 Missed (4th round) – thunderstruck starting the run on the 4th round trying so hard to keep up with George’s fast pace on the runs. Thanks to Ram for bringing me back to life with his words in greek – I think that’s what it sounded like to continue on. Let’s keep battling the noon WODs Andi-An!

    Thanks Trip! You all make it an easy by being so “coach-able”!

  11. Patrick Deiss

    1 miss rx
    Couldn’t finish the last round. Disappointing, but it is what it is.

  12. JLocks

    3 missed rounds. Ran the first 400m at 1:43 which is my normal pace, then killed the reps with 1:30 left to rest. Second round was a little slower with 1:00 left to rest. Then about 100 m into the 3rd round run….I lost it! Couldn’t breathe, couldn’t feel my legs…blah blah blah. Made it to the wall balls in both rounds 4 and 5, but didn’t finish. I HATE RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly, in the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE I’m driving a tank or manning a turret.

  13. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    0 misses / green rep scheme

    100 ring pushups… missed monday’s fun, so did a little of it

  14. Disco :D

    This was crazy hard!!!
    3 miss (135#, 10# scale)

  15. txphilologist

    1 missed (105#, 18″, 8#, scaled 5-10-15, 200m run)

  16. Paige H.

    1 miss; 10#; 20″, 105# – thanks for joining on the last run Brooke!