This is Madness

Team WOD

3-4 person teams (Chipper Style)

  • 500m Row
  • 30 S2OH DB (45)(35)
  • 20 Burpees (plate Hop)
  • 30 Front Squats (95)(65)
  • 20 WallBall (20)(14)
  • 30 GHD Sit-Ups
  • 400m Run

Post time and scale in comments.

Richards M (Kandahar CF) KBS
Ricardo M from Kandahar CrossFit has been training with us for a whole week while he is town for his R&R.
Ricardo M (CF Khandahar) Cleans
Ricardo M, Kandahar CrossFit athlete

4 Responses to “This is Madness”

  1. Southpaw

    Hi Ricardo!

    Team Nisha/Paige/AK/Southpaw 23:15 round 1 & 9:?? round 2 (15 DB, 45 FS, 10 wb, GHD & Vup)

    Excellent working with these fine ladies this morning! Great job today, guys! Thanks Coach Jim!

  2. arnold

    Thanks ACF lady studs! Tammi, Grace and Holly…….you guys didn’t leave me even when I gagged! That is teamwork!

  3. Iron E

    Team Napkin, Ryan, Iron E, Iceman
    @ 25#, 75# FS, V-ups

  4. G

    Great training with Arnold, Trip and Holly K on Saturday
    23:10 Then the crazy mini wod after 9:??
    Arnold, we will never leave a tribesman behind! You hung in there…..Sinusitis be-gone!!!