No Rep

For Time

800m Run
20 Thrusters (95)(65)
400m Run
20 SDHP (95)(65)
200m Run
20 KB Swings (53)(40)
100m Run
20 Back Squats (95)(65)
200m Run
20 Push-ups
400m Run
20 Pull-ups
800m Run
20 GHD Sit-ups

Post time and scale to comments.

Jie Jie Thrusters
Happy Birthday Jie Jie!


32 Responses to “No Rep”

  1. Iron E

    28:14 @ 65#, 53#, green bapu, slsu

    The first 800m run was good. Finished in 4:08. I remembered Iceman’s tip from Saturday to lean forward. Once I was fatigued, it was a different story until G reminded me to pick up my feet lol. Thanks G for the push!

  2. Speedballs

    32:56 65#, 40# kb, black bapu, knee push ups.

  3. Iceman

    28:04 (75#, 44#, 5 strict 5 blue 10 green pull-ups, sit ups)

  4. just jerry

    25:53 (rx) fun chipper this morning. Great job 5:30. Welcome back Johnny F. And welcome hannah.

    Open gym: bench 5-5-3-3-1-1

    Happy birthday jie jie!

  5. sonal

    24:52 Rx

    Awesome group this morning at 8:30!!!
    Even had the birthday girl join us πŸ™‚

    HBD J2 !!!!,

  6. Trip

    Happy Birthday J2!!!
    23:12 RX
    Post WOD skill work= bench press, DU’s & pushups.
    Great joining the morning crew!

  7. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    26:27 (rx)

    Good job 8:30.

  8. Jie Jie Tang

    24:11 AKS (all kinds of scale)
    Great WOD!
    Thanks y’all!

    • carahinojosa

      AKS—I like that! Happy Birthday!

  9. Jimy

    28:04 (75#, ran 500s instead of 400s idk)

    80^ felt like 100^. Good to met some fresh cuts @ noon. RnR

  10. Billdozer

    21:35(RX). Fun one, great to see the silver one this morning.

  11. Chrissy C

    30:32 (37#/BAPU/SLSU). Totally bummed it wasn’t really 200 pull ups!

  12. Famela Due Urcia

    28:0 something!
    Running sucks.. Thanks for the push G!
    Nice to wod with my old 830 friends:)

    Happy Birthday Ate Jie Jie!

  13. Southpaw

    32:35 (45, 35KB, band, slsu)

    Beautiful day for running, but the runs seemed hard.

    Great job 5pmers! Thanks Coach Beth!

  14. arnold

    31:15(straight leg)
    It was on the board and I showed up. I win.

  15. Patrick Deiss

    HBD J2 ! Arnold, you keep showing up for running and I’ll show up for double unders.

  16. Jerk

    32:24 (rx)
    That was a good ‘ole time. A week off is always rough, but my achy breaky muscles thanked me.

  17. Adam Segal

    85 & 53. 17 strict, 3 Bapu green
    Thanks for tips on ghd this morning Grace

  18. T-REX

    29:02(rx)…running…ditto Arnold πŸ™‚ Good Work Kylie, sub 30 mins too.

  19. G

    27:54 (Rx) – probably time to bring our good old weekly Sunday morning running club back.

    The Jimy is right about the temp plus he earned his extra credit running 500m instead of 400m. It always fun training with the nooners especially on a hot sunny day. Really looking forward to the upper 90s and 100s – eek!

    Welcome back Fjord and Schubert! Lots of newbies these past weeks. Be sure to post your comments here.

  20. landfil

    Happy Birthday J2!

    Fun 7pm class…even with the motivation/threats from The Professor.

    24:43 (RX)

  21. The Professor

    30:28 (5 ghd/15 slsu – lower back killing me)

    Enjoyed chasing Matt and Fil – really proud of Mrs, Professor for sticking with it!

  22. lauraD

    40#T, 40#SDHP, 26#KB, 40#BS, kneePU, purple BAPU