Sweat Monster

For Time


Box Jumps (30″)(24″)
OHS (135)(95)

200m run after round of 21 and 15


Check out our announcement about our competitors at the CrossFit Games – South Central Regional

Post time and scale in comments.

Happy Birthday Max N!
This is the ideal overhead squat position! Great job Max!


34 Responses to “Sweat Monster”

  1. Liz N

    Happy Birthday Hubs!
    10:29 (15, Plates)

  2. Lesley Griffith

    Happy Birthday Max!

    12:06 (75#/20″)
    Great job Nish on the singles!!!!

  3. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Happy Birthday Max! Have a wonderful day!

  4. just jerry

    12:18 (front squats) tweaked my shoulder on presses yesterday. Me and the lacrosse ball became real close during open gym. Good job 5:30. Great to see my frijole and have billy there to show us what perfection looks like on the movements…

    Awesome to see sonal and trip go rx and own that wod. Fam, way to be tough and finish it!!!!

    Happy birthday max

  5. Monchhichi

    Happy Birthday Max!
    35#, 18″ SU

  6. Billdozer

    8:53(RX). Great to see everyone at 530 this am, lots of new faces.

  7. Iceman

    12:48 (65#, 24″)

    Thanks for the tip G & Lesley

    HBD Max

  8. Speedballs

    HBD Max!

    12:41 (65#, 24″)

    Thanks Iceman for the 24″ encouragement. First time doing 24″ box jumps in a WOD.

    Thanks Lesley for the daily jump rope questions…helped me remain focused as I progressed from speed balls to segmented rope to a regular jump rope.

    G-as always thanks for everything. This past year has been a whole bunch of firsts…jump rope singles is one of those firsts. I am sure Jim will be happy with this news as well as he won’t see the speedballs at the box again and recoil in horror :p

    • G

      LOL! Yey Speedballs!!! Chip away those goals and milestones one at a time!!!

  9. sonal

    HBD Max!!!

    11:37 Rx
    Great job 8:30 ! Fam way to push and fight through this wod πŸ™‚ .
    Always good to have Trip join the morning crowd !

    Thanks Daniel as always!!!!

  10. Gina

    12:06 (20″, 75#) + Post WOD 500m run
    Was happy to do larger sets of reps on OHS – got all 9 on last set!

    Happy Birthday Max!
    Good to meet you this am, Tessa

  11. Trip

    11:24 RX
    Great times at 8:30! Fun joining Sonal and watching Fam become a warrior! Great ROM Fam! Your form is always perfect!

  12. Papa C

    13:59 65#, 24″
    Go get’em at Regionals!!!

  13. Chief

    9:02 scaled: 16″ step ups; scaled the OHS reps to 10 @ rd using #15

    I just found out today that G has no pulse! Her pulse would not resister on my pulse taking phone app gizmo. No wonder she never gets tired!

  14. G

    12:49 (85#)
    SMH…..This was definitely a Giant’s WOD!
    Fun times with the Hot Nooners! Good to see George back in action!
    Way to finish Donnie…….now start posting here πŸ™‚

    Good job Fam!

  15. Famela Due Urcia

    Ouch.. That was PAINFUL.. But I wouldn’t change anything. Glad I came and did it. Never heard my name yelled out so many times. They were all rooting for me to finish and wouldn’t let me give up.That was crossfit community is all about. Thank u fr the bottom of my heart.

    23:54 RX… Yes RX…. A very looooonnnggg RX wod for me.

    P.S U r all amazing. Thanks D for not throwing the towel on me.. Was actually waiting for u to dnf me lol!

    Great job 830!

  16. andi

    8:40 (65#)

    Obviously – based on my time I should have gone heavier. journal…noted!

    Awesome to witness Robins full WOD box jumps milestone! Proud of you girl!

  17. Luchador Wrestler

    Good to be well again. Today was a rough day back.
    14:19 rx.

  18. OG

    13:48 (24″,95#)

    ugh. Sweaty indeed! Thanks for the push Jim!

  19. JLocks

    10:47 RX

    I can’t even remember a WOD where I did every single movement unbroken, but today I did!!! I was shaking on my last OHS attempts, but I did it…..my run looked more like a walk, but I didn’t, stop! Thanks for the push at the end Jim!

    • JLocks

      Sorry…after the fog wore off I remembered I split the middle set of OHS up to 8 and 7. The others I did unbroken….. it sounded like I was a real badass for a second. I’m back to reality now!

  20. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    16:10 (95#)

    I’m still sweating! Thanks for the push at the end, gang! I needed it!

    Go Team Atomic! Time to kick ass! I will be with you in spirit!

  21. SM

    13:33 (75#, 20)

    Was happy to be able to do OHS in a wod again. Still working on the shoulder.

    Nice to see my Frijole!!! Billy was working the pole something fierce this am. Good job Gina on getting that last set of OHS done unbroken.

  22. T-REX

    did this wod on 5/23 bc Shoulder wasn’t ready for OHS or WB
    subbed OHS with FS. 9:19, 20″ box, 95#FS