Memorial Day Murph – Monday May 27

We are closed Saturday but open on Sunday for 8:30-10:00am for Open Gym only

Monday, 5/27 Memorial Day Murph Schedule:

7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am MURPH WOD

and 8:30 Open Gym


Please help us support any of  the charities below:

Memorial Day Murph

Lone Survivor Foundation

Navy Seal Foundation

“Lt. Michael Murphy, May 7, 1976 – June 28, 2005: Posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his selfless acts of Bravery to protect his team.”

MURPH – For Time

*Wearing a 20lb vest or body armor

– 1 Mile run to start
– 100 Pull-ups
– 200 Push-ups
– 300 Air squats
– 1 Mile run to finish

Memorial Day Murph WOD poster


27 Responses to “Memorial Day Murph – Monday May 27”

  1. Russell J

    46:54 (Scale “A”)
    Accomplished my primary goal of doing all 50 pullups with no assistance.

  2. Iron E

    62:30 – green bapu, switched to knee pushups midway

    • Iron E

      Comparison : 4/4/2011 3/4 Murph green bapu (band looped around the feet instead of the knees like what i did today) 53:22

  3. Silverback

    45:34 Rx
    Always a treat to do Murph. Got to WOD today with Billy – Funtastic (that’s not a misspelling, it’s my word). Thanks everyone for coming out and working hard for Lt. Murphy and our other fallen heroes.

  4. The Professor

    2012: 82:13 using a green band, no vest
    2013: 72:12 no band, no vest, all 20 sets of push-ups unbroken

    Thanks to Murph and all the veterans who have given so much

  5. Trip

    56:16 RX
    Perfect way to start the day. There are several veterans at our box that deserve a huge thank you. You service and sacrifice is not forgotten! Thank you Jim for making sure that we always remember those who protect our freedom. The shirts yesterday were a perfect example of that.
    Great job everyone!

  6. SM

    59:22 no vest. 20 rounds of cindy. Last 5 rounds sets of 5 push ups due to the gimpy shoulder. However was proud of all push ups i did do, felt like i had proper ROM. All sets of squats unbroken. Ran the first mile under 8 minutes. Happy to honor murph and be back at the box.

  7. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    49:10 -no vest.

    Next year I will try it with a vest. Been at Atomic for over 3 years and that was my first Murph.
    Happy Memorial Day! God bless our veterans!

  8. Patrick Deiss

    44:21 no vest
    Good one Ryan, you are now my nemesis!

  9. SM

    100 pull ups and NO rips. Makes my hands happy!!!

  10. Adam Segal

    48:23 no vest / Bapu. Thanks to all our Veterans.

  11. Cliff

    58:12 RX

    My first Murph, a lot of fun. That last mile was brutal.

  12. Southpaw

    57:34 (scaled). Did it exactly the same way last year & finished it in 59:13, so I’m really pleased with this PR!

    I loved every minute of Regionals, & I’m so proud of our team! But I didn’t work out since last Tuesday & I didn’t eat very well during the SA trip so I’m glad I was able to finish. It was worth it. I’m glad to be back here.

    Great job today everyone! Thanks Coach Jim!

    RIP Lt. Murphy. Thank you for your service & sacrifice.

  13. Chief

    40:20 – scaled to 1/2 Murph but only did 5 squats a round.

    Great to see everyone I don’t usually get a chance to see anymore!

    Jimmy, you did a great job running the operation today, thanks!

    Congratulations to Team Atomic on making it to the Big Show!

    RIP Murph

  14. Lesley Griffith

    59:48 (BAPU , no vest)
    The last mile was more of a run/walk.
    1st year to do the full Murph
    My thanks and gratitude to all that serve our country.

  15. Margaret Cook Diano

    No access to a pull up bar this afternoon-worked last night, so I did a revised Murph: mile, 100 push ups, 200 sit ups , 300 squats , mile. First mile under 8 min total time 41:16!

  16. Chrissy C

    65:40 (BAPU/no vest/2 rounds of knee PU)
    11 minutes slower than last year. At least next year i should have an easy time beating this years time. 🙂

    Great to see everybody. Old people rock.. Congrats team Atomic! Great job Jimmy. RIP Lt. Murphy.

  17. crstrohl

    39:46. No vest. Highlight: 6:05 mile. It’s been a long time since I did that.

  18. Max N

    First Murph attempt & scaled- Did not have a pull up bar so I did sit-ups
    1 mile
    50 push-ups
    50 sit-ups
    50 air squats
    1 mile

  19. Napkin

    53:48 no vest.
    About 4 minutes less over last year.

  20. Liz N

    First Murph & WAY scaled- Did sit-ups Instead of pull-ups
    1 mile
    50 knee push-ups
    50 sit-ups
    50 squats
    1 mile

  21. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    45:55 ? no vest

  22. lauraD

    first time doing Murph. 69:20 (small red band on pull ups, push ups on knees, no vest)
    All gave some. Some gave all. RIP Lt. Murphy