Living Large

1 Mile Run (time trial)


Front Squat

Post time and loads in comments.

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George C Phoenix Rising competition
Happy Birthday George C aka 1%!


Jamie Team Chipper DB Snatch co CFG south central regional
The Puzzle – Event 4 by Jim Kelly

(photo c/o CF Games South Central)

30 WallBall; 30 Chest-2-Bar Pullups; 30 Single leg squats; 30 One arm snatch (70)(50) Chipper style. Teammate cannot advance until the station ahead is vacant. All Six must pass through the chipper for time. Men first then women.

Yesterday was a success. The team executed the workouts without any major flaws and the results showed. The performance of other teams greatly impacts placement in these events. I’ve always said, “CrossFit competitions are like golf, you play the course and measure up.” Katy was sitting at fifteen points, ACF at twelve points and CF Dallas Central at eight points. Low points are good.

I’m watching the lightning from my hotel room at 4:30am. I’m thinking about the day’s events and decisions leading to our athlete selection. Event 4 was an easy choice, all six have to do it, and luckily the movements mapped out for an extremely competitive time. I’m obsessing over the decision for this afternoon’s Event 5, but we’ll get to that later.

We meet at breakfast and the team has a confident energy about themselves. Today has a new challenge, and new pair of athletes must endure two workouts. The anticipation is high for the morning’s Event 4. During practice we had experimented with order and found a neat wrinkle to the flow of athletes through this gauntlet. Panda and Jamie are slower on C2B than the rest of the team. However, both are exceptional at single leg squats (pistols) and the one-arm snatch. Placing them back to back in the middle of workout created the delay of movement in a single time window (Pull-up station which is early in the event) once this station is cleared, the athletes behind them would have an open course the finish the workout due to their speed on the following stations. This worked in practice and yielded an amazing time. Again, our chances are great for a top three finish. Execution is key.

ACF is now in heat three. Assigned a central lane with the other leaders we get to push through this event competing head-to-head with the top teams after day one. We also get to watch two other heats and evaluate any differences between our practices and game day. The one major difference is the distance between stations. This will cause a bit of a slow down, but my instruction to the team is to hustle. Get those reps going to allow the person behind you to advance. Imagine that, a coach telling his team to hustle. Brilliant!

Daniel is ready to go, he really wants to finish this one first. 3-2-1 Go. He steps up and begins the 30 wallball. All athletes leave the wallball unbroken and hit the pull-up bar. Daniel doesn’t even break stride; he steps to the bar and begins the butterfly style C2B. Fast and efficient, perfect form on each rep 10…20…30!! Unbroken!! cheers erupt and he almost struts to the pistol station first. He begins but has to adjust due to the speed in which he got there, due to a few no-reps.

Ben is next. He finishes his wallball and moves to pull-ups. He too uses the butterfly technique and it’s fast. We experimented with other pull-up techniques in practice and it didn’t work. Ben does his pull-ups in 2 sets as Daniel finishes his pistols and advances to the one arm snatch allowing Ben to move to pistols.

Ben moves forward and Panda hits the Wallball. No issues there. His C2B are the slower non-butterfly kips, but at this point Panda has some time to regroup between each set and he makes his way through the thirty reps. Daniel is done he sprints to the finish mat at 4:47; not first in the heat (as he wanted) but it was fast! Just what ACF needed and excellent time to allow people to move behind him.

Ben moves to the snatch, but the judge calls him back to wait until Daniel is on the finish mat. A few seconds wasted there, but Ben will make that up. He begins and quickly hits cruise control. He likes the planned advancement of the dumbbell every ten reps, it keeps him focused and fast.

Panda is cruising on his pistols now and Jaime has made her way past the Wallball to the pull-ups. She has gotten better, but still needs several sets to finish. It’s ok because the time is allowing the stations to open in front of her. Ben finishes and Panda advances to snatch allowing Jamie to move to pistols. Now is when our pace picks up. Beth and Janet are on deck. We just need to open the stations up to let them fly.

Beth hits the wallball and pull-ups; she is fast and accurate. She gets a break on the pull-ups just to allow Panda to finish the snatch and Jamie to move forward. Panda is moving, and on his last ten reps he goes into his windmill approach of switching hands fast at the bottom and swinging the weight overhead. It’s as “caveman” as it gets, but it allows him to finish fast.

Jamie has had a bit of rest and is ready to snatch the weight overhead thirty times. She does so with a powerful presence and makes it look easy. Little does she know that this result is because of her and Panda…because of the deep talent that this team possesses. In this style of event, when it is all said and done, your fast people can’t be fast if there are slow people in front of them. Jamie and Will were the lynch pin in the middle and performed admirably.

Beth is moving on the pistols well, the team has only suffered a few “no-reps” to this point and Beth is in the groove on pistols. Zero “No-reps”

Janet steps up and begins her wallball. She is our anchor. Ready to move as quickly through this chipper as possible to bring the team home. She is sputtering early though, she no-reps once on the wallball; missed the target. She no-reps again, same thing…hits a few more reps then again misses the target. She has to regroup, ensure her accuracy is on target and go again. She finishes the thirty reps, but only after seven no-reps. Thirty-seven wallball to start. UGH! She hits her pull-ups fast.

The rest of the team is moving quickly. No hiccups no worries. Opening the stations for Janet to gobble-up and finish strong.

Other teams are hitting the wall. Each team has at least on person struggling. Some with Pistols slowing them down; others would get hung-up on the heavy one arm snatch. All of this gives an advantage to well rounded group from ACF. Our only slowness was at the chest-to-bar station, which is early in the workout. It played out perfectly, but CrossFit Central is keeping pace.

Janet has regrouped and is now steady and fast, exactly how you have to be if you want to win in the sport of CrossFit. Beth is finished and Janet is hammering out one-armed snatches. CF Central is right there and it comes down to the speed moving the 50lb DB overhead thirty times with one arm. Janet is fighting fatigue hard, big breaths; trying to use the hips; pushing the envelope. Finally she continues through the end and sprints to finish line @16:31 only nine seconds ahead of CrossFit Central. The team mobs her and begins the celebration of another first place finish.

This was ACF’s first heat with the fastest teams in the South Central Region, and ACF is the fastest team in the fastest heat.

The media is here now. The cameras are following these amazing athletes. People are talking now; wondering where this team came from? I think to myself, “If you were in Austin at Fittest Games, you wouldn’t be surprised.”

I’m jumping with my team hugging and celebrating another outstanding performance, but we all know the storm I watched this morning was not the storm we had been expecting. That storm is this afternoon.

To be continued…

16 Responses to “Living Large”

  1. Lesley Griffith

    OHS: 65-85-95-105(4)-95(4)
    FS: 115-135-145-155-165

  2. just jerry

    6:57 1st time doing a mile under 7 minutes. Great pace easy rider.

    OHS: 105-115-125-135-145 (4)
    FS: 185-195-205-215(4)-205

    Good job 8:30.

    Happy birthday George!

  3. JLocks

    HBD George!!!

    Front Squat

  4. Iceman

    6:49 mile
    OHS: 65 – 75 – 85(4) – 85 (ran out of time to do a 5th set)
    FS: 85 – 105 – 115 – 125 – 135

  5. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    6:54 mile
    OHS: 95-105-115-135-150
    FS : 155-170-180-185-190

    Nice race with Just Jerry, the pacing went back and forth. Pose method helped.

    Happy Birthday George aka 1%. Good job 8:30.

  6. T-REX

    1 mile = 8:37 (fast for T-Rex)
    OHS = 95-105-115-125-135(4)
    FS = 135-155(4)-145-150(4)-150
    Screwed up on my math on that 2nd set of FS, my intention was only to go up 10. It threw me off, plus my legs were jello so the last 2 reps of my 5th set was ALJ. Thx Daniel!

  7. carahinojosa

    8:38 mile
    OHS: 35/45/50/55/65(3)
    FS: 85/95/105/105/115(2)

    Happy Birthday, George!!! 🙂

  8. Adam Segal

    OHS 65-65-75-85-85
    FS 75-85-145-145-155

  9. Luchador Wrestler

    6:30 mile (it was hot)
    170 OHS
    A dark place in FS
    Thanks for the HBDs – I’ll remember these on my real Birthday.

    • carahinojosa

      What I meant to say was Happy FB Birthday 😛

  10. Freddy Hinojosa

    95/115/125/135/135 OHS
    155/175/185/195/205 FS

    Happy Birthday to Luchador. I feel silly posting it when I should have told you in person. Have a blessed day!

  11. Disco :D

    Happy Birthday 1%!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  12. andi

    OHS 65/75/80/85/95
    FS 75/85/95/105/115

    Happy FAKE birthday George, Luchador Wrestler, 1%….are you in the witness protection program?

  13. Num83R5

    Happy Birthday George!!!

    1 mile run.. UGH of all the things to have to do… 11:03… Last time I ran I mile I did it in 9:38. Just means I need to work harder at not sucking wind.

    OHS my old nemesis we meet again. 65-65-75-85-85 Wrist continues to be an issue along with staying back on the heals, got to work on this more. Especially since it an essential part of doing a snatch.

    Front Squats went better. 145 – 185 – 205 – 225X3 – 215X3 . Quads were saying no more on those final 2 sets.

    Had a lot of fun sharing the bar with Face and Wolverine

    Lots of rebuilding to do but it will all come back in time.

  14. Patrick Deiss

    Mile 6:10
    145 ohs
    195 fs
    Made it through the ohs and my shoulder feels fine. Thanks for the tips JB and Panda. Didn’t we go through this last yr George? You are sooo mysterious !

  15. OG


    Need to work on my running and my wrist position on the OHS. Thanks for the tips JB!