Broken Eggs


Max reps 10 foot Wallball shots unbroken (20)(14)

AMRAP 12 minutes

  • 200m Run
  • 250m Row
  • 25 DUs

Post Wallball Max Reps, number of rounds + reps and scale in comments.

ACF gearspotting Atomic Grill with Michael Matson
ACF gearspotting at the Atomic Grill, Santa Fe, NM with Michael M aka Professor


Kelli C
Happy Birthday Kelli !


22 Responses to “Broken Eggs”

  1. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Kelli.
    17 WB (14#)
    3.1 (Singles). I thought the board said 30 DUs, did 60 singles for ea. Good WOD.

  2. sonal

    Happy bday Kelli !! Great to see you get your bday wod in πŸ™‚

    50 (#14)
    3+2 rx

    Thanks Daniel ! Good job 8:30

  3. andi

    Happy Birthday Kelli!!

    35 (14#)
    3.1 rounds rx

    Sorry I was tardy to class Coach

  4. carahinojosa

    Happy birthday, Kelli!

    50 (10#)—thanks, Daniel πŸ™‚
    3rds+run (singles)

    Thanks for the double under help, Ben.

  5. kelli condrey

    thank you sonal, maria, andi, cara & eileen for my birthday wishes….great wod today to make me not feel another year older.
    A new start to posting my scores…59 10# , 3 rnds. Thanks daniel for always telling me “good job kelli….keep going!”

  6. Disco :D

    Thanks Daniel!!!
    Happy B-day Kellie!!!!

    30 (wb 10#) 3 rds (singles)

  7. Jimy

    42 (20lb) 3 Rounds + 169m row

    Happy birthday Kelli!

  8. Chief

    25 (#6)

    2 + 2 (singles)

    Happy Birthday Kelli !

  9. arnold

    Happy Birthday Kelli! Idk when I saw you πŸ™
    This WOD had Arnold written all over it πŸ˜‰

  10. T-REX

    43rx, 3rds. Did competitors WU pre-wod. i left my a lung on the pavement to sizzle like an earthworm. Thanks Daniel!
    Happy bday Phoebe from Friends, I mean Kelli πŸ™‚

  11. kelli condrey

    Thx. guys. I’ve always been told that since Friends…ha! I wish I were as funny as she is…

  12. TIMBO

    62 RX 3+1 Thanks Daniel for the psychology lesson. The wall balls is all in the mind!! Push thru the pain and go to muscle failure. It just makes the amrap suck

  13. Iron E

    82 reps @ 50 su

    Happy birthday Kelli!

  14. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Kelli!

    34 (10)– since my max with a 10# is 10 reps I’m absolutely delighted with this. Thanks Coach Beth for the reminder to keep calm & be patient. Soon I’ll be shooting a 14 with more confidence & accuracy.

    AMRAP. 3+1. Considered throwing up for several minutes. Didn’t follow through with that but I sure felt like it.

    Love this feeling after a wod. πŸ™‚ I know I did the best I could do & gave it everything. Great feeling!

    Great job 6ers! Nice to meet you, Eric! Thanks Coach Beth!

  15. Trip

    48 14#
    4 rounds…. was on the run when time ran out πŸ™
    Great class Beth! Love when you coach! Enjoyed the partner warm up with Ryan!

    Happy Birthday Kelli!

  16. Amber Pearson

    34 (14#)

    3+about 3/4 of run when time ran out – RX
    Double unders have got to start getting less exhausting with practice, right?

    Great job, 7:00! Thanks, Beth!

  17. Kyle D

    49 / 3.1 + 87m row
    Interesting on wall balls how fatigue with mind over matter turns to absolute failure in a matter of roughly 2 wall balls’ time. Great WOD for me today. Thx Ram!

  18. Cliff

    50 (20#)

    3 rounds, almost made 4, I was on my 11th DU. DU’s were my weakness. Took me forever to knock out the 25 in each round. Still workin on getting my technique down.

  19. G

    Very late post for Tue, 6/11:
    Max Reps Wallball: 40 (Rx)
    MetCon: 3 Rounds + 200m Run + 215m Row