Three Girls, One Bar

The June Painstorm (c/o CrossFit.Com)

For Time:

21-15 – 9 Reps of

Squat Cleans
Ring Dips
Dead Lifts

Scale: Band Assist Pull-Ups, Parallet/Box Dips, Pike Push-Ups, DB seated presses

* Use the same load for all weighted movements. Folks who are only a little nuts should use Fran weight (95/65), those bordering lunacy could try Elizabeth weight (135/85) and if anyone is insane enough try Diane weight (225/185).

Compare to June 9, 2011

Post time and weights in comments.

Happy Birthday Garrett G!

28 Responses to “Three Girls, One Bar”

  1. Lesley Griffith

    28:37 ( #65, BAPU,BARD, Pike)
    Brutal would be putting it nicely!

  2. Jim Kelly

    36.40 (95) First time without scaling the HSPU. I’m Tired.

  3. Gina

    31:36 (65#, band, knee pike)

    That was ‘fun’.

    Happy Belated Birthday Jim!

  4. TIMBO

    33:41 Pike PU and bard last 9 only First time to use 95# on this workout. It hurt!!!!

  5. sonal

    28:28 (#65,bard, 1abmat)
    i scaled the reps for hspu to 15,9,6 since i was spending way to much time staring at that mat on that first round)!!

    ITs a sauna at the box and this wod was brutal!!!

  6. The Professor

    33:41 (95#, red Bard, Pike

    Fought desperately to make cut off. Doing the WOD 3 hours after masters swim (cough cough Robin stood me up this morning cough cough) was NOT wise – I was gassed starting the WOD…

  7. Disco :D

    22:20 getting over sickness….

    Fun with 9:30!!!!

  8. carahinojosa

    Worked out with my kids at 10:30 πŸ™‚
    30:04 (45#, bard, 1abmat) 21-15(thrusters and pullups)9-6
    Someone needs to work on her mental fortitude.

    Thanks so much, Beth.

  9. Papa C

    29:52 ( 65#, BARD, Pike PU ) no BAPU πŸ™‚


  10. Jimy

    33:23 85lb, ab mat

    Pukers and fran cough. Proud that I kept fighting. Good game.

  11. andi

    25:22 (55#, bard, ab mat)

    Fun pacing w/Taramisu.

    Noon is one-hot-motha’!

  12. Sirun Guan

    Two years ago I was a big fat DNF! Today I finished!
    26:02 (55#, BARD, regular push-ups).

  13. Katie Ramos Swan

    25:28 (55#, BARD, 2abmats)

    That hurt. Great job 930 crew.

    I agree Sonal…it was a hot one!

    Happy Birthday Garrett.

  14. Chrissy C

    Naturally, if I didn’t have a lame arm I would do this WOD using Diane weight, but that will just have to wait for another day!!! πŸ™‚

    HBD Garrett!

  15. Russell J

    2 rds + 24 (65#, band, pike).

    This day, more than most, I wondered why the f*&% I am doing this. I was really done in by the heat factor, combined with my normal suck factor. Despite the DNF, my gasp-o-meter tells me it was a worthwhile endeavor.

    Quote of the day from Jim: “Good work everybody. Except you, Russell. Get lower.” For some reason I relish those comments.

  16. Sex Panther

    DNF. got to 3 thrusters on the round of 9. (85#, 2 abmats). Not a good day. Note to self: eat right 99% of the time so I don’t totally suck.

  17. JLocks

    34:50 (95#)

    I did my first 21 thrusters unbroken and then 16 butterfly pull ups before I had to stop! – my one little moment of victory in this WOD….then everything went black and I found myself in HELL! The devil said to call him “JIM”…

  18. Adam Longoria

    32:31 Rx #95
    95 Pounds Never Felt So Heavy…

  19. Billdozer

    Well….44:00(135#). I immediately regretted my decision, took a cat nap after round 1 then finished eventually, and sometimes finishing is all that matters

  20. T-REX

    29:32(65,Red BARD, 1abmat). I didn’t write the weight I used in 2011, but definitely believe I scaled a lot more to finish faster last time. We did a Wod a few yrs ago that was something insane like 75 Curtis Ps and some running, and that was my #1 worse Wod ever. However, today may have claimed that spot! Great job JB, Billy, and Jake! Thx JB!

  21. Kyle D

    34:50ish (85#, BAPU, BARD, AbMat, kitchen sink)
    No idea what actually happend today, since I was damn near comatose after the first round of thrusters. So glad I didn’t go for 95#, and at the same time wondering why 85# was so heavy. Oh well, Venii vidi vici….sort of

  22. Sid aka ugh

    33:31 RX – 95…damn this sucked…sucked awesomely

  23. G

    Late post for Wed, 6/12:
    33:46 (65#, Rx for all others except 8 reps HSPUs with 1 abmat and the rest of HSPUs were RX and strict except for 1 kip)