Strategic Initiative

Shoulder Press

3 Rounds for time

  • 2 Rope Climbs
  • 10 DL (225)(155)
  • 15 Burpees

Post loads on Shoulder Press, Metcon time and scale in comments.

Happy Birthday Gary C aka PapaC!


21 Responses to “Strategic Initiative”

  1. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond


    7:28 Rx

    Thanks G.

  2. Iceman

    need thicker socks!


    11:00 (185#, 4 full/2 half rope)

  3. just jerry

    105-115-135-140-145 (3)
    14:34 (rx)

    6 days without a wod and I felt it during the warm up. Ouch. Back to my regular schedule now.

  4. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Gary!
    45-50-55(3)-56.5-58; 12:59 95#; 2 rds rope climb, 1 rd. scaled.
    Tough time today for whatever reason.

  5. Iron E

    8:43 – scaled rope climb, 155#

  6. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    Happy Birthday Gary!

  7. Sid aka ugh

    9:10 RX

    Great working out with nooners…should of started my set at 115 ugh….CARPE DIEM people stay hydrated it’s hot derrrrrr…..

  8. Chief


    about 11:00 – forgot to look: scaled the DL (#65) and the burpees to 5 and 8 a round respectively.

    Happy Birthday Gary!

  9. Patrick Deiss

    7:01 rx
    NEVER rub hand sanitizer on a rope burn. HBD Gary!

  10. Papa C

    Amen on the rope burn comment. That’s pain!!!

    Thanks folks for the kind birthday wishes!

  11. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Gary!!

    55-60-65-70 PR 72 (3) Yippeee!! Previous 5 rep max was 65 on 3/26/13 πŸ™‚ Awesome sharing the bar with Jammie & Brenda! Good work!

    11:39 (135)

    I had always hoped this wod with rope climbs & dead lifts would show up during the open. The burpees not so much. :). Loved this!!!

    Great job 5 ers & 6ers! Thanks Coach JB!

  12. G

    SP 55-60-65(4)-65-65(2) – worki-in-progress on left shoulder that seems to be substantially weaker than the right (addressing both strength and mobility – calling for VOODOO bands, thanks for the advise Holly K)

    MetCon: 7:04 (Rx)

  13. Num83R5

    Fun night tonight

    95-105-115-125-135 X2

    WOD: 9:42. Rope get up 155#

    Then pushed a prowler around.

    Great job 6ers!

  14. Trip

    6:44 rx
    Thanks for letting me WOD late JB and be patient while I was a crazy woman!
    Happy birthday Gary!

  15. SM


    9:48 RX

    Focused on proper form. I have a bad habit of arching my back during strict press. But am happy that the shoulder seems to be healing. Yay!

    Had tall socks and capris so the rope burn was minimal. However, it was hella hot. Enjoyed the post wod work with Holly. πŸ™‚