500m Row Time trial

For time complete:


  • Back squat (135)(95) from the ground
  • Ring Push-ups

Post Row time, MetCon time and scale in comments.

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Monte F Phoenix Rising Competition
Happy Birthday Monte F!
taylor D aka shoulder to ohd
Happy Birthday Taylor D aka Shorty!

26 Responses to “Rattlesnake”

  1. Lesley Griffith

    HBD Monte and Taylor!

    Row- 1:59.7
    6:45 RX

  2. Monchhichi

    Happy Birthday gentlemen! Best wishes!

    Row 2:02
    65# PU and KPU

  3. sonal

    Row 1:47
    4:26 rx

    Thanks for the skill work Daniel !

  4. just jerry

    1:43.8 row
    5:25 (rx)

    Totally gassed after these two. Good race easy. Small but fun class at 8:30.

    Happy birthday monte and taylor.

  5. Billdozer

    Row- 1:34. I was trying to avoid it but I couldn’t let Arnold down

    Metcon: 3:30(RX) narrowly defeated Chalkman, my day is complete.

  6. Papa C

    5:52 95# at the home office, no rower

    Best birthday wishes gents!

  7. Eileen

    Approx. 2:40 Rower (don’t remember); can’t WOD time either; do remember 65# back squats; regular push-ups.

    Happy Birthday to Monty & Taylor. Have a great day.

  8. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    139.7 row

    5:26 Rx

    Gassed after the skill work.. then gassed more after row. Loved the skill work. Like a double wod plus a row time trial. Good race Jerry.

  9. Chief

    2:23 for the row

    10:25? scaled to 3 X 10 reps (#35)

    Happy Birthday Monty and Taylor

  10. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Monte & Taylor!

    I thought it was going to be a long bad day when I saw that the warmup was 3 things I can’t do. But I worked at them & got frustrated but I still got close to getting T2B, got a few DUs, & got a couple of handstands. Then I was worn out. But maybe it was a success??

    Row 2:09 PR by 5 seconds– I’ll take it!!

    Then 7:40 (65).

    Great work today guys!! Thanks Coach Daniel!!

  11. Sex Panther



    Happy Birthday Monte and Taylor!!!

  12. Amber Pearson

    Got 7 T2B in a row – yay!
    Also, with quite a bit of encouragement and help from Daniel and Tammi (thank you both!) I kicked up into my first handstand ever (of the not belly to wall kind). As easy as that might seem to most of you, this has been a MAJOR mental block for me. So this is a very VERY big day for me – yay!

    Row – 1:49 PR
    Metcon – 6:54 (75#, C2G on knees – worked on form)

    Awesome job, 4:00 class – man, it was HOT!

  13. T-REX

    Row: 153.8, Wod: 5:48(rx)
    Great job Prof! Disgustingly cute watching you and Sami cheer eachother on! :). Fun times at 5! Thx Daniel! HBD Monte and Taylor!

  14. arnold

    Happy Birthday Guys!
    Always a good morning when my Giant friend shows up!
    BTW I was gunnin for your time Easy! Just for old times sake 🙂

  15. Kyle D

    1:47 / 4:23 (95#)

    In the row, my shorts somehow got hung up between the seat and the track…twice! No idea how. Was trying to beat 1:43, so I feel like I had it. We’ll just have to wait for the next. In the WOD, I was really sore from 3G 1C on Wed, so I went light. I knew right away I screwed up. Should’ve just gone RX. Good workout anyway and HOT noonin’ in full effect!