For time complete:

30 GHD Situps
30 Deadlifts (225)(155)
30 DUs
30 Overhead Squats (95)(65)
30 Pull-ups

Post time and scale in comments.

Beth and Ben Event 6 CFG South Central Regional

The Puzzle – Event 6 by Jim Kelly (photo c/o CrossFit Games South Central Regional)
100 Double Unders (50 ea) 50 HSPU, 50 Toes-2-Bar, 50 Shoulder to overhead with axel bar (160)(100) 90’ walking lunge with loaded axel bar. Male and Female partner splits the reps as necessary, but non-working member must perform a static hold. But both must lunge with his or her bar. (Female can’t pass the male athlete.)

I’m walking around the arena early Sunday morning and I see an old friend in the stands. Kendra is an “old school” member of ACF that has moved to Fort Worth and started CF Rough. She congratulates me on the team’s performance to this point asks how I feel about today’s events. I smile and give thumbs up, then say, “I’m not sure what everyone else has, but I know one thing; I’ve got the strongest girl on the floor this morning.” She nods in approval.

Earlier, we are eating breakfast and Beth is not eating much. The events are later on Sunday than other days, so more time waiting, letting the butterflies do their damage. Ben is visibly anxious and Beth is pastier than ever. The team knows that if this pair executes to their best, we can stay on the podium and possibly even create some cushion in the points. All of this depending on how CF Katy and CF Central perform today.

Practicing this event showed some very positive signs. Ben and Beth worked well together. Neither struggled with any of the movements fundamentally. Transitions were flawless and the work capacity of these outstanding athletes absorbed the static holds required by the non-working athlete without issue; crazy fast until the lunges.

It has always been about the lunges. Ben would do his share of the shoulder to overhead reps and then begin his lunges just to drop the bar after six steps, and then gradually make his way down the ninety-foot track. It would get better each time, but was never to a point where it was fast. The best practice time for these two was 9:59. We would love to get that today.

The final heat for event six is introduced. Everyone is aware that these last pair of athletes holds the keys of success for the teams fighting so hard this weekend. The scoreboard is so tight it’s suffocating. It’s all about where your strengths were played. Did you put your best on event one, Jackie? Maybe you had to shore up the deadlift workout. What cards do you still have to play? ACF had gambled yesterday and the scoreboard stayed favorable as we took our highest number. Beth and Ben make a stout pair, an ACE \Jack if you will. Are there any other ACEs in this heat?


3-2-1 Go!

Ben begins his double unders, he is doing well and then misses. No big deal. Gets it going again and then misses again. He knows this isn’t the end of the world on this workout, but misses again! He is visibly frustrated, but speeds up his last twenty reps and hands off to Beth. She begins, but is too close to Ben and hits him with the rope. Nerves are showing; not surprising from Ben as this is his first external competition ever, and Beth just got in a hurry. We should be ok. They finish the double unders and are the second to last group under the wall to begin handstand pushups.

They are first to move off handstand pushups to the next station of toes to bar. I would say that went…well.

The team has regrouped, and each are hitting huge sets of toes to bar. Once again, that went very well. Other teams are slowing down, using many more transitions and allowing ACF to build a lead. All accept two; CF Central and CF Katy have stayed close.

It’s coming down to strength and guts.

ACF is first to the axle bar and the shoulder to overhead. We discussed prior to the heat that when the time came, Beth would have to “take over” and hit reps she wasn’t planning on doing. Just to keep the numbers going. We didn’t know when that would happen today, it’s all by feel, but she was ready.

Ben is fatigued and no doubt has the lunge looming over him. He only does a set of five with the axel bar and drops it. Beth does ten. Ben does five. Beth Seven. Ben three. Ben is dong smaller sets and Beth is picking up the rest. The rest periods are short and Beth his still hitting huge sets deep into the count of Fifty.

I notice that CF Katy and CF Central are beginning to struggle with the axel bar. Small sets, long breaks. A recipe for disaster when competing in the Sport of Fitness.

If we can get on the lunge soon, we can build a cushion that will allow for Ben’s tendency to slow down while lunging. Forty-nine…Fifty! Beth finishes and Ben takes a knee contemplating the ninety feet ahead of him. He rolls the bar to the line and gathers himself. He will be first to step onto the lunge course. We are in good shape. I smile as I watch these two execute their game plan.

He cleans the bar and begins. One step, two, three; he looks good, he is shuffling his feet a bit and the head judge comes and makes a comment. He tightens that up as he keeps moving. He is twenty feet down the lane and Beth is right there with him. He is still moving. I expect he will drop the bar any moment, as this is much farther than I expected him to go on his first set of lunges. He hits the halfway line and I am ecstatic, cheering and yelling….he hasn’t stopped yet.

Beth drops her bar, she is used to getting a rest by now and is feeling those big sets she sucked up just seconds ago. He keeps going. She hustles and begins chasing him. He still hasn’t stopped! She drops her bar again, and has to hurry again to close the gap. Finally 60 feet in he drops the bar. Only one other team has begun the lunges and it’s not CF Katy or CF Central! This could be huge.

Clearly, Ben benefited from the change in rep scheme on the shoulder to overhead. He never had to do ten in a row. Just another example of competitive instinct that yielded huge game day dividends; you can’t practice that.

He regroups and lunges to within one step of the finish line and drops the bar again. He kneels and is clearly shutting down. He looks back as if he is taunting me. JUST FINISH! I’m screaming from my belly. He cleans it and finishes, Beth right behind him and scores ACF’s third first place finish in three days – 9:29. Spectacular!

The other teams are beginning to lunge and finish. The team from Get Lifted finishes second, and with that finish, catapulted to podium contention because the wheels are falling off in the middle lanes.

CF Katy and CF Central are enduring a competitive nightmare in this event. CF Katy’s female is struggling with the shoulder to overhead. They can’t get the last rep they need to move to the lunges and end up taking a twenty-first place finish after the time cap expires. CF Central’s team was plagued by what looked like a dehydrated male athlete that lost all control at the end of the lunges. His teammate had to help him clean the weight to valiantly finish the lunges and end up taking a sixteenth place finish. Pictures of this moment are etched into my memory as an example of how hard this sport can be, brutal in fact, but the determination of these two athletes to finish at all costs was amazing to watch.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I call to my athletes from the barrier to grab them, kiss them and tell em’ how proud I am and just how clutch that performance was. The events of the last fifteen minutes all but assure ACF a trip to compete in California with the fittest in the world.

Reflecting on the performance of our team during this critical point in the competition….

Turns out…there was another ACE in this heat. I was holding it. Pocket ACEs are pretty tough to beat.

29 Responses to “Proven”

  1. Sid aka ugh

    10:02 RX so close yet so far to sub 10… for a good one tonight people..see you then.

  2. Iron E

    Love the recap, Jim!
    11:31 – anchored, 155#, ||ette hops, 45#, green bapu

  3. Amber Pearson

    12:24 (115# DL, 45# OHS, 10 pullups/last 20 green band “strict” after ripping both hands :()

    Thanks, Grace – great class! Was fun to do GHD’s – hadn’t done those in a while! Great job 5:30 – awesome start to the week! 🙂

  4. Southpaw

    12:35 (anchored, 115, lat hops, 35, band)

    Excellent working with the 0530 team again! I briefly considered the idea of redoing this wod at 6pm since there’s so much room for improvement. Maybe I will!

    Great job everyone! Awesome class, Coach Grace, thanks!

  5. Iceman

    13:05 (Anchored, 155#, hops, 65#, Green)

    Struggled with OHS today – I had to drop to 45# for the last 8 reps b/c I couldn’t keep the bar overhead

  6. Felipe

    12:02 (Anchored, 155#, 45#)

    Thanks for the OHS tips, Coach Grace!

  7. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    12:04 Rx

    Could not catch Sonal… took forever on the pull ups. Good job 8:30.

  8. sonal

    9:41 rx

    Awesome energy 8:30 !!! Thanks Grace for post wod mobility

  9. carahinojosa

    13:40 (anchored su,125#, 45#, || hops)

  10. lauraD

    16:30… ish? 85#DL, 35# OHS, small red BAPU

  11. andi

    11:09 (135# DL)

    Congrats Amber for stringin’ together some DU’s! More will come!!

    Good times nooners!

  12. T-REX

    10:15 (rx). GHD caused major headache the rest of the WOD. Love working on Skills beforehand, thanks Daniel! Way to go Cara on sticking with those PUs! So proud of Robin on her first handstand hold, solid! Yay for Amber and Donnie for stringing DUs!

  13. The Professor

    14:24 (||ette hops)

    First time to do over 15 GHDs.

  14. Monchhichi

    1/2 GHD 1/2 SLSU, 95#, 90 singles, 45# OHS, BAPU,

  15. Chief

    11:26 scaled this way:

    100 various crunches
    10 DL (#65)
    100 singles
    10 OHS (#35)
    15 C2B – kips

  16. arnold

    Finally feeling my mojo!!
    Big Group of Young Guns this AM! Proud of them on this WOD!

  17. Papa C

    17:20 155# DL, 65# OHS, slow on DUs & pull ups. Thanks for the encouragement 9:30.
    Got 25 DUs unbroken in warm up!

  18. Russell J

    14:44 (anchored sit-ups, 155#, 65#, green bapu)

    I was determined to not scale DUs and do them as prescribed for the first time. Mission accomplished, although it took me freaking forever and left me gassed for the remainder of the workout. I even managed nine straight a couple of times.

    I was also determined not to use any assistance for pull-ups. That lasted four reps. And even with the band, I was banging out giant sets of one at the end.

  19. Southpaw

    Open Gym tonight– decided not to redo this morning’s WOD.

    Worked up to 1rep max

    Worked up on back squats to 105 — got close with 115 but not quite deep enough

    Dead lift 210

    Front squat 100 PR. 🙂

    Absolutely wonderful sharing the bar with Amber & Felipe. Outstanding work y’all!

  20. Eileen

    12:58; anchored s/ups; (105#; 15# (practiced form); grn. band.

  21. JLocks

    Awesome job Russell…you put in some serious work tonight. It was great watching you grind it out!

    11:15 Rx…I was able to string together two sets of 10 on the DL’s …broke what was left in half….unbroken DU’s….and 10 butterfly pull-ups before I had to break that up too! Over all, not so fast, but I felt like I was really moving! Thanks Phil for the push at the end. Oh…and thanks Arnold for peeing on my parade!

  22. Doc

    11:55 Rx
    Gagged a few times afterwards-haven’t felt that way in awhile-

  23. Russell J

    Thank you, Joe.

    Correction: 45# on the OHS, not 65#. In my heat- and exercise-induced delirium, I thought I was stronger than I really am.

  24. G

    10:18 (Rx) Total hotness at 5pm. It felt like an oven but wouldn’t change the joy of sweatin’ lots and the simple fact to just be able work out amongst hard working people.
    WOW! We run out of spaces to write everyone’s names on the white board! Makes me smile ! Thanks Coach Sid!

  25. G

    That photo of Beth and Baconator always gives me goose bumps! He traveled the farthest that weekend! So proud!