AMRAP 20 minutes

  • 5 HSPU
  • 7 C2B Pull-ups
  • 10 DB Snatch (35)(25) Alt arms

Post number of rounds + reps and scale in comments.

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Sami M Skydiving
Happy Birthday Sami M !!! Skydiving sure is a fantastic treat for a birthday celebration!
Sami Michael skydiving acf gearspotting
ACF gearspotting – Thanks to Michael M aka Professor, the ACF wristband made it up in the sky, at least 10,000 ft above!


20 Responses to “Aviator”

  1. Famela Due Urcia

    7+17 RX
    Easy Rider I sent ur pics. Check ur FB inbox.

  2. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    10 + 5 Rx

    Good seeing Fam, Marlon, and Sargent Terry. Good job 8:30.

  3. arnold

    1-1 Easy!
    Hoping for some hang cleans ๐Ÿ™‚
    Superstars at 9:30am!! Lots of excitement

  4. Speedy J

    16+1 Rx
    That got tiring!! Fun to be a part of the 9:30 ladies class – Daniel you are SOOOOO lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good work everyone!!

    WOW on the skydiving…on my list of things do to!

  5. Freddy Hinojosa

    8+12 (1 abmat)
    I love HSPU’s so much, I spent half the WOD doing them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. carahinojosa

    6+3 (1 abmat) Spent a lot of time staring at the pullup bar and my ripped hands. All but 3 or 4 were c2b.

    Happy Birthday, Sami! Awesome pics!

  7. T-REX

    Arrived early so did competitors warm-up (subbed MUs for Ring Dips). Then the warm-up for class was pretty tiring too!
    6+10 (scaled). First round of HSPUs tried 1 blue mat, but not enough cushion coming down hurt my neck. So used 1 abmat the rest of the wod. The C2B PUs were hit or miss the whole time, even had to bust out the purple band in rd 2 and 6+5 reps in 7. Pulling and pushing this heavy body is not easy! Hands were also raw from yesterday.

  8. G

    9 Rounds (Rx)
    4-5 consecutive C2Bs was a big milestone!

    Glad to be a part of Ramrod’s all girls class today. It was fun !!! Thanks Ram!

    Hope everyone practiced the 1 arm KB clean the right way or what CF Kettlebell Cert expert, Jeff Martone, teaches. The cleans should avoid any lateral movement of the joint and instead the movement should swivel the KB around the wrist and close to the body. The rack position of the KB is in front of your body with elbow tucked in (shoulder joint friendly movement).

  9. Nisha

    8+2 (abmat, reg PUs)

    Special thanks to SM for letting me borrow a pair of shorts…otherwise was going to be a coin toss between WODing in undies or scrub pants :0

  10. SM


    Used two blue mats and one grey, all the ab mats were taken. Not stellar, but did all C2B and no blisters or rips. Hands are happy. Fun wod.

  11. Jerk

    8+4 pull-ups.
    Did 15 sec handstand holds. Felt way better upside down.

    Today we learned that Grace must be a Vampire or something because she’s lived for ever and held just about every job.

    Also, she reminded us to wipe our balls…that was nice.

  12. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Sami!

    10+12 (dumbbell press, green, 25). I tried to do handstands the 1st 2rounds but fell over so I just went to the dumb bells.

    Great job 6ers! Thanks Coach Beth!

    Then did the awesome rowing class. 2000 meter time trial = 9:56 PR!! Previous 2000 m was 10:28.

    I’ll take a PR whenever I can get it! Good work, class! Thanks Professor– it was wonderful & I look forward to Thursday!

  13. Eileen

    10+5 (2 abmats); grn band; 25#. Great WOD.
    Happy Birthday, Sami.

  14. Trip

    9+7 RX
    Nice to finally get C2B! Great class as always Beth!

    Sami you are insane! Never will I jump out of a good airplane!

  15. Kyle D

    7 + 18 (rds 6 thru 8 used blue band with C2B)

    HSPU used to kill my spirits, and now I fly through them unbroken for the most part. So glad to have finally “mastered” that movement to allow other movements to take its place. Ha!