Turbo Slug

Back Squat


  • Row 1K
  • 30 Cleans (95)(65)
  • 50 Burpees

Post loads on Back Squat, time and scale on MetCon in comments.

Should You Squat With Your Knees Forward?  …..This study forces the question, “How should we squat?” Powerlifters squat with a low bar technique and vertical shins, similar to the restricted squat tested in the study. This technique invokes more of the posterior chain and allows powerlifters to squat the heaviest loads possible. Weightlifters squat with a high bar technique and vertical torso, similar to the unrestricted squat tested above. This allows them to train the squat in a way that carries over to the snatch and clean. The powerlifting technique accepts more shear forces on the spine. The weightlifting technique accepts more shear forces on the knee. Which one is correct? [Read full article from Breaking Muscle]

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ACF gearspotting Rocky Mountains with Erica B
ACF gearspotting – Thanks to our 5:30am regular, Erica B, the ACF wristband made it to the Rocky Mountains!
ACF shirtspotting Rocky Mountains Cj
ACF shirtspotting with former ACF athlete, Cj (right) at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo c/o Erica B (left) with their friend, JTW.




20 Responses to “Turbo Slug”

  1. Iron E

    15:31 RX

    Nice sharing the bar with LandFil. Thanks for pushing me through the last couple of burpees.

    Thanks G!

  2. landfil

    Nice sharing the bar with your this morning Iron E.
    Thank you Grace and Kuleen with the tips on squats and cleans.

    Always fun with with Timbo and Chalkman a.k.a. “Part-Time” <– nickname courtesy of Timbo.

    135 – 215
    11:02 RX

  3. Papa C

    21:26 65#, 25 burpees (row took the wind out of my sails)
    Thanks G. For tweaks on OHS shoulder position.

  4. Chief


    11:26 scaled: 10 hanging squat cleans (#35) and 15 burpees

  5. andi


    14:20 RX

    Nice meeting Joy & Darlene. Where were all my noonie regulars???

  6. The Professor


    13:41 Rx – First in class to burpees; Last in class to finish. Buck Furpees.

  7. just jerry

    Pressed for time this afternoon so I signed up for open gym. Got in and did the metcon as a warm up with half the reps so 500m row, 15 cleans, and 25 burpees. Then knocked out the back squats: 235-245-255-265-285 (1)

  8. Russell J

    I failed the “turbo” part but nailed the “slug” part.

    16:44 (65# power cleans). Grace, the burpee tips made them suck just a little bit less. I’ve now progressed from being phenomenally slow at burpees to merely incredibly slow.

  9. Katie Ramos Swan

    13:30 RX

    Actually had fun doing backsquats…surprising.

    Great job everyone! Thanks for letting me share the bar with you Kelli.

  10. T-REX

    135-155-175-180-185(1). Metcon = 13:27(rx). G- I think it was 27 rather than 47 since Prof finished in 41. Nevertheless, I think I took too many breaks to breathe. Thx for the push G, and thx Daniel! The heat really messes you up!

  11. Chalkman

    11:07 Rx
    Fun working out with Landfill and Timbo.

  12. OG

    16:18 (85)

    As mentioned before…buck furpees but those squat cleans did me in.

  13. G

    Late for Wednesday post:
    Back Squat 5×3: 135-155-165-165-165(1)
    MetCon 13:04 (Rx)

    Fun sharing the bar with T-Rex. Thanks Ram!