Choice is an Illusion

Broken up however you want; complete the following for time:

100 Slam-balls (20)
100 Sit-ups
100 KB Swings (53)(40)

Post time and scale in comments.

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REMINDER:  Clean up after yourself and put your equipment away [Read more]

Dave Castro ACF shirtspotting with Miranda and Lindz photo by Lindsey Smith
ACF shirtspotting with 3 of the all time favorite group of people in the CrossFit community! Pure awesomeness!!!
The photo shows Games Director, The Dave Castro, sporting our ACF shirt along with CFHQ’s games veteran women who also happen to be two of the best top role models in the CrossFit community, Miranda Oldroyd (left) and Lindsey Smith (right), who was a part of our tribe briefly back in 2009. (photo c/o Lindsey Smith)


Sidelined by Lindsey Smith…..”Be confident. Be humble. Carry on the spirit of the Games.”  [Read more]

15 Responses to “Choice is an Illusion”

  1. Southpaw

    19:30 RX.

    Wow! I love seeing that! I’ve been going back & forth between a 35 & 40 KB Since I wasn’t sure I could swing a 40 for a long workout but guess I officially swing a 40 now. Yay!!

    Great class today & good work 0530s! Thanks for the push Fil! Thanks for the pistol tips afterward, & for the awesome class Coach Grace!

    Love the photo!

  2. andi

    12:40 rx

    Nice change of scenery going to the 8:30 am!

  3. landfil

    Yup Southpaw, you officially have to use 40 on WODs now.

    11:32 or :36 RX
    Can’t remember, doing a WOD that early hurt my brain.

  4. Iceman

    17:52 Rx – 53# KB was tough.

    Fil – Thanks for the push.

    G – Thanks for the DU tips, feel like I’m almost there (maybe).

    Cool pic!

  5. T-REX

    Pre-Wod mile at turtle speed 9:13
    Wod 14:15 (rx)
    All done around 30-40 mins for young guns to finish, pooped and HOT! Thx Daniel! Great shirt spotting G!

  6. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    11:32 (20″ box jumps instead of KB)-hands torn up from C2B PUs Tues

    Good job 8:30.

  7. Sean

    12:35 what an appropriate name for a WOD, changed my strategy midstream

  8. Trip

    11:15 RX
    Great 6pm class. Good times sharing the 20# slam ball! Fun post WOD work with napkin and SM!

  9. OG

    16:54 rx


    20 rounds of 5 ended up not being a good idea lol nice 5pm 8)

  10. G

    12:11 (Rx using Butterfly Abmat Sit-ups) strategy was sets of 10 for each movement.

    Glad I was able to train with the nooners! Toe was on my heels the entire workout 🙂

  11. G

    Dave Castro was my Level 1 Cert instructor back in April 2008 and Miranda took the same cert with me. It was at CrossFit San Diego, where CJ Martin (former CFSD coach) also happen to be assisting the HQ instructors on the same cert. Lots of other CF old school bigwigs were there, too 🙂 I was fortunate to hang out with them to watch the UFC fight that Saturday.

    Lindsey Smith came up to me at the first inaugural regional in Texas in Fort Worth at GSX CrossFit. We reconnected when I found out that she worked at Flour Daniel in Sugar Land. She was a regular at ACF when we were still at Suite M-14 and as we moved to occupy Building I. I also remember vividly Jim help polish her Muscle-Up skills at M-14.

    Acquaintances turned into real friendship as the years go by 🙂