Lion’s Laughter

Bench Press



30 Muscle-ups for time

10 Rounds for time

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 10 Dips

Post loads on bench press, time and scale of MetCon in comments.

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ACF shirtspotting Introducing DUs to the Nigerian Military Police (photo taken in Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
ACF shirtspotting:
Doug T, our 5:30am regular who has been out of the country, introduced the Double-Unders to the Nigerian Military Police
(photo c/o Doug T and taken in Port Harcourt, Nigeria)


27 Responses to “Lion’s Laughter”

  1. Sex Panther


    Alt. WOD 20:54 (Rx)

    Got my first MU since my shoulder injury back in October…..felt good!

  2. Southpaw

    65-85-90-95-100-115f I believe the 100 is a new 3 rep max. Nice sharing the bar, Ladies, & congrats Tessa on your first bench press experience!

    16:35 alt wod (band assist).

    Great job 0530s! Awesome class Coach Grace, thanks!

  3. Lesley Griffith

    25:55 alternate WOD (BAPU)

  4. Eileen

    12:11 Alt. WOD (grn./blue bands)

  5. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond


    14:32 Alt wod Rx

    Nice sharing the bar with Sgt Terry. Good job 8:30. Nice coaching Beth and Janet.

  6. Iceman


    20:37 (green pu, purple dip)

  7. just jerry

    195-205-215-225-235-245. 17:49 (alt)That one rep felt good and probably could have done more. Nice sharing the bar with billy. He wanted to make me feel better about myself so he let me lift more than him. Nice job on those muscle ups, billy.

    Awesome class beth and janet. Way to go 8:30!

  8. Papa C

    135-145-155-155-165-175(pr) Thanks KT and T-rex for sharing bar with me.
    19:57 BARD thin red, Thanks for pull up tweak Janet. it’s OK to tell me in the WOD too. ;^)

  9. Speedy J

    Great work am group!! Papa C, did not want to throw off your groove πŸ™‚ Play with that grip width before or after wod and see how it feels. Sometimes we don’t need to fix it when it’s not broken πŸ˜‰
    Fun to be a part of the am classes!!

  10. carahinojosa


    18:45 BARD…5 rounds pullups, 5 rounds ring rows. Ripped my hands again.

    Good job fighting through those ripped hands and finishing strong, Andi!
    And good job, gentlemen, on the muscle ups!

  11. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Had fun co-coaching with Speedy J this morning! Great work morning classes πŸ™‚ Loved seeing people holding that static position on the rings…first step to building strength on the rings! Way to go.

    Want to see big groups tonight!!!

  12. andi

    BP 115 (1RM) Fun sharing the bar w/G!

    19:20 (bard)

    My hand & ACF are not friends today (sad face)

  13. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    That picture is hard core…

  14. Maria Poutous Botti

    Thanks for sharing the bar Nicole, Meghan, Audrey, and Ashley. Strong women!

    Used purple band for RD.

    Took about 23 min. Thanks Coaches Beth and Janet. Great job 9:30! That was a tough one!

  15. T-REX

    BP: 95-100-105-110-115-125. Thanks for sharing the bar Gary and Katie B!
    Metcon: 19:04 (alt WOD, purple BARD). This sucked for a heavy boned gal like me! I felt strong on the pull-ups, but my skin on my hands weren’t holding up. As for the RD, I felt my body getting heavier and heavier. Jackrabbit, I hope you feel better! So hard to cont a wod when a fellow comrade is down. Thx Teach and Speedy J, partners in crime!

    As for that pic, Agree with Teach! Doug, you look pretty happy next to those guys with guns. At least you have your own built in! πŸ™‚

  16. G

    BP 85-95-100-105-110-115
    Started with MU attempts but had to fix the loose ring straps and didn’t really start until almost 2 minutes. Then after 4 futile attempts the left arm just refuses to work with the entire body, so moved to the Alt WOD at 4 minutes into the WOD.
    22:05 minutes 4 = 18:05 (with 5 of the 10 rounds ring dips were band assist (thin black for the most part).

    Proud of Charles and Wolverine for taking on the challenge on MU attempts off the gate since they both initially just wanted to settle with the Alt WOD. Wolverine got 12 – not too bad and Charles who got all 30. If you have it, you should use it, IMO πŸ™‚ Way to go guys!

    Nice to meet Lauren A. and good job on your first BP Tessa!

    Aw I missed the Dynamite Duo at 8:30 & 9:30.

    Jackrabbit, hope you feel better soon πŸ™

  17. Iron E

    22:30 bapu (green 1st five, black for the rest), green bard
    Thanks Beth!

  18. Russell J

    Pretty good day for me. During the warm-up, I got my first unassisted, albeit extremely brief, handstand.

    Then, I benched 200 pounds for the first time in my life: 135-155-165-175-185-200.

    Metcon: 17:53. Pull-ups: green band 2 rds, black band 8 rounds. Dips: Green band 3 rounds, red band 3 rounds, parallette dips 4 rounds. It’s possible that I lost count with my pigs and did only 9 rounds.

  19. arnold

    15:37 (5 static pull ups)
    Great Job Tammi! Excellent ROM!
    Thanks for the help Teach….soon my back will scare the Hammiconda πŸ™‚

  20. Cliff


    11:28 RX.

    While warming up I was experimenting with Muscle Ups since I had never done them before. I was able to knock a few out so while talking with Teach about what I should do we decided with 10 Muscle ups, then do 5 rounds of the alternate WOD. But after the 10 mu mark I was still able to get some more reps in so I ended up doing all 30 Muscle Ups. Took awhile but I got them!

  21. Num83R5

    Great class tonight Professor, thanks for helping me fix all the mistakes I have been making.

  22. SM

    24:08 BARD purple

    I should I have tried a heavier one rep max. I’m not so great at the BP, but Patricia was killing it on the bench!

    The wod was fun. I was able to do the first 30 pull ups without coming off the bar. Then I got to sets of 5. Last round singles. But hands are happy. Those ring dips got worse and worse. Blah.

    Did another wod with Holly afterwards. 150 KB swings & 300 DUs. My arms may fall off.

  23. OG

    185-185-190-195 (1)-205(fail)
    24:00(5 rds BARD)

    Attempted to do 5 MU’s but it wasn’t happening so switched to the alt. Tried to complete all 10 rounds unassisted but by round 5 it was taking forever.

    It’s friday and my chest & lats are still feeling tuesdays workout. Ugh.