For Time:


  • Static Pull-ups
  • Tire Flips
  • Burpees

Post time and scale in comments.

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Everyone bring a dish and BYOB! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN! Don’t miss it! [Check out details on some items]

Next Rowing Clinic hosted by Boathouse Rowers (Michael M aka Professor) starts next week.Β  Michael Matson rowed Heavyweight for the Navy, was a rowing coach for the Rice U Crew, and recently completed the CF Rowing Course).Β  4 session rowing clinic (2 weeks, T/Th @ 7pm) for $100, which includes your own personal LogCard for the Concept 2 rowers.Β  Limited Spots [Register Here]

Sid Snatch
Happy Birthday Coach Sid aka Ugh!
(photo c/o Master G)


24 Responses to “Recon”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Sid!

    23:26 (blue). Excellent way to start the day! I love tire flips!

    Great work 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

  2. The Professor

    HBD Sid!

    Thanks for the ad for the next clinic Grace!

    Sam and I are still in Nebraska. We went to the local high school track and did the Raining Lizards WOD from last week (4 RDs 400 m run and 50 squats).

    Sami did Rx this time (did 3 rounds last time), finishing her first 3 faster than last week (15:15) and doing all 4 in 21:01.

    18:41 Rx

    Missing y’all!

  3. just jerry

    19:54 (rx, bertha tire) forgot to write my time on the board. Good job 8:30.

    Happy birthday sid!

  4. sonal

    21:59 bard
    Thanks for the tough love Daniel !

    Happy Birthday Sid!!!

  5. Chief

    20:15? Scaled 6 – 1 – flipped the Durango Radial A/T tire!

    Happy Birthday Sid!

  6. carahinojosa

    Happy Birthday, Sid…awesome pic!

    Still can’t move today. I’m parked on the couch with the heating pad and doping up on Advil (which, if you know me, I absolutely hate doing…but it’s very necessary). Hated to miss this wod. Looks like a fun one!

  7. Kyle D

    18:15 (blue BAPU)

    First and last sets of PU w/out the band, but I was focused more on strength building. Hopefully I can get them all rx in due time. Burpees have become strangely…dare I say…easier?!? Nice sharing the tire with A & G. Good wod today. And HBD Sid!

  8. Luchador Wrestler

    HBD Sid.

    18:10 rx with Bertha.

  9. andi


    Would love to put that nifty RX next to my time since I didn’t use a band but the range of motion just wasn’t there to earn it today.

    Happy Birthday Sid!!

  10. Russell J

    14:05 (7 > 1; scaling 50% volume this week).

    HBD Sid!

  11. Num83R5

    Happy Birthday Sid!!!

    This was one down and dirty WOD as was evident on my face when it was over.

    23:28 blue band.

    Great work tonight 6ers!

  12. G

    Some HBBS and Oly Lifts then joined in the fun with the nooners.

    20:30 (Rx) Shared the tire flips with The Jimy, Kyle, Alan and Andi-An. Darn those tires are taller than me. Then about 3 flips with Lil’ Wayne – LOL! Wanted me some Bertha but she was too much.

    That’s ok Andi-An. You started strong…chin ups get tricky over time, just grab the least resistant band next time. You were also flippin’ one of the heavier ones. So a good note right there πŸ™‚

  13. TIMBO

    16:54 RX. Bertha and her cousin. Whichever was available

  14. landfil

    Happy Birthday Sid!
    Always love the 80s and 90s mixes.

    Forgot my time but it was way after Pat.
    I was able to make Eric run 800M with a 40lbs sandbag afterwards…ha.

  15. OG

    21:15 bertha

    Probably could have gone a tad faster.

  16. Chrissy C

    HBD Sid!

    15:46 (8-1 with BAPU)

    Love tire flipping!

  17. arnold

    Thanks for all the excellent coaching Beth! Love me some heavy tire flps!
    Nice race Eric!

  18. T-REX

    24:46 (red BARD). I refused to scale further on the strict PUs with any other band besides Red, even though I was close to finishing last. Otherwise, tire flips and burpees went pretty fast. Thanks Beth!
    Happy Bday to my brotha from another mutha, Sid!

  19. Amber Pearson

    19:40 BAPU, Lil Wayne

    This was a fun one – liked the tire flips πŸ™‚

    Thanks Beth and great job, 7:00pm!