Language Barrier

Shoulder Press


  • Power Snatch (95)(65)
  • Box Jumps (30″)(24″)

Post loads on Shoulder Press, time and scale on Metcon in comments.

We will be open with the following schedule on Thursday, July 4th:

7:30am WOD, 8:30am WOD, 8:30am Open Gym and 9:30am WOD


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Rudy Root DL
Happy Birthday Rudy F aka Root!

21 Responses to “Language Barrier”

  1. Gina

    65-70-75 (1)-72-74 (2)
    9:19 (20″)
    Good class this am.

    Thanks G for the continued support! You’re the best 🙂

  2. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond


    7:50 Rx

    Nice working out with the 6:30 group. Good race Timbo Slice and Justin. Way to scale Chalkman, good example for those of us whose ego gets in the way of taking periodic deloading weeks.

  3. Iceman

    Mi Gusta!


    9:37 (185#, 24)

    HBD Root!

  4. just jerry

    115-135-140-145-150/ 8:34 (rx)

    Great job 8:30!

    Happy birthday rudy!

  5. andi

    Lots going on today but managed to squeeze in the 9:30 class & glad I did, got to share the bar w/my friend Chief.

    65-75-80-85-90 (1)
    8:56 (55)

  6. Papa C

    9:10 65#, 24″ in my garage

    Happy Fourth to you fine folks!

  7. Chief


    8:15 scaled to 15-11-6, #35 hanging power snatches; #18″ step ups.

    Good to share the bar with you Andi. You must have inspired me, cuz the last time I got as high as #85 on the shoulder press was a couple years ago when I was drinking a bottle of Geritol that Babs gave me, hah!

  8. Sean

    5:47 scaled power snatch with dumbbell to learn that movement, 24″ box jumps. Thanks for the tips Will, the dumbbell helped a lot.

  9. Russell J


    5:02 (65#, 24″, 12-9-6). Still deloading this week with 50% volume.

  10. Sex Panther


    8:43 (75, 24″)

  11. JLocks

    135 – 155 – 165 – 170 (1) – 165 (1)

    6:21 rx

  12. Nisha

    9:47 (20″)

    Good times sharing the bar with Adam…

    Played it safe and did the 20″…saw lots of box jump injuries today 🙁

  13. Kyle D

    7:10 (75#)
    First time using 30″ box! Not bad for a 5’8″ guy! Thanks for the help Will. Glad to finally meet the Panda. HBD Rudy!

  14. Patrick Deiss

    6:59 rx
    Good race w Joe and George! Great group tonight! HBD Rudy!

  15. T-REX

    65-75-80-85-90(2). thx for sharing the bar Krista, Naz, and Hannah!
    metcon: 8:19. In my set of 15 my shin hit the box so had to step up the rest of the Wod. Thx JB! Hope you feel better Numb3rs!