Flint Strike

3 Rounds for time

  • 10 Squat Cleans (155)(105)
  • 20 Ring Dips
  • 30 Pull-ups

Post time and scale in comments.

Ramin N Rowing
Happy Birthday Ramin!


ACF gearspotting Amber P at CF Mayhem
ACF gearspotting – The ACF wristband made it to CrossFit Mayhem, the affiliate owned by two time CF Games Fittest Man on Earth winner, Rich Froning, Jr.
ACF shirtspotting Amber Felipe at CF Mayhem
ACF shirtspotting with Amber and Felipe at CF Mayhem


12 Responses to “Flint Strike”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Ramin!

    21:30 (65, bands). It seemed extra tough today, maybe because of yesterday’s gluttony leading to today’s headache & overall bad feeling. The pullups nearly did me in. I changed bands (from blue to green–RATS!!) before the end of round 1 so that I could finish.

    But I finished, & I’m thrilled.

    Small but awesome class this morning. Great work 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

  2. Sex Panther

    22:51 (135)

    Happy Birthday Ramin!

  3. Doug Tomich

    19:18 (95#, blue band on ring dips)

  4. just jerry

    20:38(rx) that took a bit longet than expected. Squat cleans got a tad bit heavy. Good job 8:30.Nice having my fellow frijole join us.

    Happy birthday ramin.

  5. Chief

    14:08 scaled to 5-10-15 @ rd. HSC #35; BAND; Green Band

    Happy Birthday Ramin!

  6. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Ramin!!! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  7. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    17:50 Rx

    I have to agree with Jerry the squat cleans got heavy in the 2nd round…and mid way thru 1st round. HBD Ramin.

  8. T-REX

    19:07 (BARD 1st rd Purple, the rest Red)