Out For Cali Event Sunday July 7, 2013

Out For CaliAtomic CrossFit is hosting a Swim WOD Sunday, July 7, 2013, to send our CrossFit Games 2013 Team Competitors to California.

ACF13 Games Bound

ACF would like to thank all our competitors, spectators, volunteers, sponsors and our committee co-chairs, Khara Breeden and Katie Daniels!  The Team appreciates all your support!

We are truly amazed at the support the Crossfit community has shown toward this cause. We have 62 teams signed up with more to come. We thank each one of you for grabbing a friend and partnering up to help send ACF to the Crossfit Games and come out for a fun and unique WOD. We hope everyone has a great time!
Please review this video on YouTube for an overview of the WOD

This is a swimmers pride WOD please only choose to do the Burpees if you can NOT swim or you are afraid to swim THIS IS NOT A SANDBAG OPTION!  Do not forget at least one teammate must swim.  If you are swimming and you must stop to hold on to the lane dividers to catch your breath you may do so for no longer than 10 seconds, any longer and our life guards will be coming to rescue you.  It is preferred for you to turn on your back and float to catch your breath.
You may NOT pull yourself along the lane dividers as this may cause you to be disqualified.
You may dive off the side that is 5 feet deep, swimmers that start in the water but must be touching the wall until GO.
Mats will be provided to do your sit-ups and pushups.

Sign in starts at 7:15am, please sign in 45 minutes before your heat, we will ask each heat to be on deck 5 min before their heat time, you are responsible to be on deck when your heat is called, we will be running a tight schedule because we must be out of the pool area by 1pm.

We ask that only athletes performing the WODs and those on deck be near the pool area. You may watch from around the perimeter of the pool. There is a grassy area next to the pool were you can sit and watch everyone compete.
Athletes may wear what they choose as long as it doesn’t exponentially enhance you performance, doesn’t make you drown, and must cover your private areas this is a family event. Things that might exponentially enhance you performance: surf board/boogie board, fins, hand webbing, etc. This is a fun event so you may wear floaties, snorkel, and you can even bring your rubber ducky.
The facility has a large bathroom and changing area.

• What to bring
Swim Cap (optional)
Sun Screen
Chap stick with spf.
Extra clothes

• Parking
There is a map of the area attached, you may park in the YMCA parking lot, if you park on the street please watch for no parking signs
Please see attached map to see parking in the area indicated by yellow highlighting

ymca cartwright map

• Pool Rules
You are expected to follow to the YMCA pool rules, and follow the life guard instructions.

When shopping remember our sponsors, we have listed them and have linked to their website on our bottom banner below.

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