Silly Rabbit

For time


  • Cal Row
  • WallBall (20)(14)
  • KB Swings (70)(53)
  • Ring Dips
  • S2OH (135)(95)

Andi An Thrusters
Happy Birthday Andi-An!

23 Responses to “Silly Rabbit”

  1. carahinojosa

    Happiest of Birthdays to YOU, Andi!!!

    15:20 (scaled) Went super light today, but the back felt good :)! Thank you, G!

  2. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Andi-An!

    23:50 (10#wb, 40 KB, red band, 65 x6, 55 x 9, 45 x 27). I hated stripping weight so much it’s what I had to do today. But GOOD NEWS!! I hit the calories on those rows faster than I ever have before! Still out of breath & energy from being sick all weekend. Looking forward to feeling my best again soon.

    Awesome work 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

    I loved looking at the pics from the auction & Out for Cali. Hated missing these. Great job everyone! Go Team Go!

  3. Eileen

    Happy Birthday to Andi-An. Have an awesome day.
    22:30: WB – 14#; KB – 35#; RD (Blue bd); S2OH – 45#

  4. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    16:26 Rx

    Tough wod …. great programming, as usual. Good job 8:30.

    Yesterday was a blast at the Out for Cali..Swim Wod. Great job everyone that put it on, judged, participated or showed up.

  5. lauraD

    10# WB, 30# KB, red BARD, 45# S2OH

  6. Iceman

    17:56 (I think) – 53#, purple ring dips, 95#

  7. Chief

    18:25 scaled; 3 WB #6 each time; #18 KB; BARD; #45 S2OH

    Happy Birthday Andi!

    Hey Chase, I’m glad I got a chance to talk to you today. You are getting pretty strong kiddo. Glad you are still doing the teen ager WOD’s or you would be kicking my butt for sure!

  8. Jimy

    19:20 (53kb, 115soh)

    Good game.

    HBD Andi-A!! Burpees!!

  9. andi

    17:42 (44KB, bard, 75 S2OH)

    Thx for all the BDay wishes friends!

    Jimy you can do burpees with me tomorrow smartie!!

  10. arnold

    HBD Andi!
    1-0 Easy! You got me by just a tad dag nabbit!

  11. Russell J

    23:28 (14#, 53#, 95#). No bands on the rings dips for the first time.

  12. Kyle D

    (53#KB, Blue BARD on last 15, 115#S2OH)
    Tough workout after a long weekend. Nice job to all, and thanks for the push at the end as I was nearing the blackout zone.

    Happy birthday Andi! So glad to know you, and hope you had a great day!

  13. Sex Panther

    24:51 (115, 53)

    Happy Birthday Andi-An!

  14. OG

    24:43 53#,115lb

    Paid for the 4 days off. Sucked.

  15. T-REX

    18:28 (purple BARD). Great job On-ramp and YGs! Welcome back to YG Tyler! HBD Andi! Thx Sid!

  16. Gina

    22:35 (75#, bard)
    I have got to get the cardio thing down! It’s kicking my butt.

    Happy birthday!

  17. Napkin

    22:01 95#/60#/thin purp band/20#
    Unbroken WB and KB – struggled on dips

  18. Summer Thompson

    HBD Andi!!!
    20:43(BARD,75#) nice to be back at atomic even if it is just for a month.

  19. The Professor

    22:11 (purple bard on 19 reps)

    That 70# kbs was no joke!

    HBD Andi!

  20. TIMBO

    23:02. Bard only. Very tough wod for me.