We Care A Lot

Front Squat (20 Minutes)


Pull-up Ladder EMOTM (5 Push-up Buy in /per minute)
5PU+ 1 rep the first minute, 5PU+ 2 reps the second, 5PU + 3 the 3rd until failure to meet the number required in the minute.

Post loads on Front Squats, Time and Scale on Pull-Up Ladder in comments.

Taramisu Ring Dips Team Sting Competition
Happy Birthday Tara P aka Taramisu!

23 Responses to “We Care A Lot”

  1. just jerry

    happy birthday tara! awesome picture and not just because i’m in it either…

  2. Russell J

    Did this one in my sweltering (99 heat index) home gym this a.m. after my Wendler 5-3-1 deadlift workout (Week 1 of Cycle 3).

    7+7, assuming I understood the WOD correctly. All pull-ups strict. Unassisted the first five rounds. Medium band rounds 6 and 7. Medium-large band round 8, but still not quite enough to get that eighth rep in time.

  3. SM

    11 RDs

    Started the 12th round but didn’t have enough time to finish. Thanks G and Billy for the cue on keeping my elbows up. It was fun in the am.

  4. Billdozer

    Front Squat

    15 Rds on pullups, first 5 strict. Wish this would have been double unders instead.

  5. carahinojosa

    Happy Birthday, Tara!

    Took it light and easy again today. Worked up to 100# on FS then did 8rds plus 5 pullups in the wod.

  6. Jerk

    Stuck with 135 today… Elbows up d

    10 rds.
    Oh, and I won’t talk about the warmup.

  7. Sex Panther


    12 + 11 rds

    Happy Birthday Tara!

  8. Trip



    Thanks sparky for the post wod work and thanks Grace for the tips!! Can’t wait for this weekend!

  9. T-REX

    135-145-155(2)-155(1). 13rds
    Post Wod 1 mile, super slow. Thx Daniel!

  10. Kyle D

    175-185-185-185-190 (PR)
    10 rds
    Gave myself a no rep on the 10th PU, tried again and got it. Grip was already DONE at that point. Great day though.

  11. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Tara!

    Interesting name for this wod. Curious regarding the backstory.

    55-85. Nice sharing the bar with Darlene & Dori.

    9 rounds blue. Not green. Trying to show a little more discipline & increase my effort. (I really need to get off those things)

    Yay fun fact— took 10 seconds off the 1000 m row. :).

    Excellent work 6ers. Thanks Coach Stephanie!

  12. Cliff

    135-145-155-185-185 (personal best)

    14 rds (+14)

  13. arnold

    Happy Birthday Tara!
    Had a blast coaching all of you! Miss the night crew!
    Teach got the record with 18 rounds! Duh!

  14. Nisha

    8 rounds πŸ™

    Post WOD row work: 500m/1 minute rest intervals x 4

  15. JLocks

    FS 225 (x5)

    12 rds +11….was really trying to pace myself and breathe right, but then I hit the wall HARD on the last few reps of the 13th and just couldn’t “pull” it off! A little disappointed.

  16. OG


    I feel I could have done 175…maybe 180. Will find out next time.


    Body started to feel heavy after round 11. Ugh.