Private Screening

Bench Press


MetCon:  5 Rounds for time

  • 15 KB Swings (70)(53)
  • 250m Row
  • 20 Walking Lunge Steps

Post loads on Bench Press, time and scale on MetCon in comments.

Check out the Out For Cali Swim WOD Event update and results.

Brandon 007 dropin
Our very first paying customer when we had our grand opening in June of 2008! Old School Atomic CrossFitter, Brandon L aka 007, came by to visit all the way from North Houston. Thanks for your support 007!


DavidM CF St Thomas dropin
David M, CrossFit St. Thomas athlete, is making ACF his home away from home while he is in town for an entire week!
ACF shirtspotting Doghouse CrossFit Amber Felipe and kids
ACF shirtspotting with Amber P, Felipe V and ACF Young Guns at Doghouse CrossFit during their road trip.

19 Responses to “Private Screening”

  1. Iron E

    135-145-155-160(1)-160-165 (PR)
    Nice to share the bench with Arnold and Gina. Thanks for the tips Arnold!

    • Iron E

      Correction: 165 should be 165(1)…PR would have be on the 160

  2. Chrissy C

    55-65-75-77-80-82 (82 may be a PR)

    13:10 (26#)

  3. Gina

    Good job Elliot and Arnold. Thanks for the pointers and encouragement.

    18:09 (RX)
    That kettle bell is no joke!

  4. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond


    12:12 Rx

    Nice racing Sonal and Jessica… my goal was to not get lapped. But it ended up being tight.

  5. arnold

    15:34 RX
    yikes those heavy KB’s twice…..
    6:30am is entirely too early you people are crazy!

  6. Chief


    14:46 scaled: #18 KB; 6 pole assisted lunges a round

  7. Sean

    225-245-275-295-295-295 should have tried 305
    14:21 (60# KB)

  8. Cliff

    155-175-185-195-205-215 (I think this is how I remember it.)

    11:25 (#53)

    I was contemplating going #70, but was hesitant because I really struggled with the #70 on Monday’s WOD. I wasn’t sure if I could have gotten all 75 reps.

  9. OG

    155-165-175-185-195-200(1) 🙁

    13:32 (53)

  10. T-REX

    95-105-110-115-120-x. Back locked up at rd 5, so skipped rd 6 to recover and foam roll before the metcon. Nice sharing the bar w/ Macale, Krista, and Jen C! Metcon: 16:53(rx)
    Great job YG Justin, Hannah, and Madison! Awesome on going the 4th rd James!

  11. Summer Thompson

    15:43 (RX) great job to 9:30 class

  12. Paige H.

    65-70-75-80(1)-75 – wasn’t my day for BP; 15:28 (30# letting shoulder rest)