For Time

50 Back Squats (95)

            4 Rope Climbs

40 Back Squats (135)

            3 Rope Climbs

20 Back Squats (155)

            2 Rope Climbs

10 Back Squats (175)

            1 Rope Climb

(video c/o KTRK Channel 13)

Cara H rowing
Happy Birthday Cara!

12 Responses to “Triumph”

  1. Luchador Wrestler

    It was supposed to be a rest day but “Triumph” looks to good to pass up.

    Happy Birthday Cara.

  2. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Cara!

    20:34 (45-50-55-60). That rope got slippery awfully fast this morning! Even with my death grip & my special stunning & fashionable look of 2 knee socks on the right leg, I still had trouble holding on. Chalk sort of evaporated about half way up the rope, so I was glad to make it up to the tape each time.

    Thanks for the tips on the squats & the rope climbs G!

    Great work 0530s! Awesome class Coach Grace, Thanks!

  3. sonal

    Only Eva and I at 830 this morning and we had Grace all to ourselves 🙂

    15:55 (65,95,105,125)

  4. Southpaw

    Sonal that is definitely a reason to smile!!

  5. Num83R5

    Happy Birthday Cara!

    Have to say that I was really apprehensive about doing this one. 120 Back Squats + 10 rope climbs are no joke. After reading a few encouraging words from a friend I took this one. Thanks J!

    16:04 75,95,115,135 G2SRC

    Great job tonight 6ers!

  6. T-REX

    65-95-115-125 =19:04
    Wow Sonal! Couldn’t catch ya! Thx Jess and Arthur! Thx Panda!

  7. lauraD

    climbs felt good… squats did not :/
    thanks for the cues Will and thanks for the push Sara 🙂

  8. SM

    Full climbs

    I was tired when I got to the box, but couldn’t let Sparky do this one by herself. It was a mental battle to keep going. It was slow, but accomplished. Cheese ‘n crackers there were a ton of peeps at the 6 pm. Where you guys at 5??

    Thanks to Panda and Sparky for keeping me going.

    Sonal you are an animal.

    Laura, those climbs looked steady and confident. Way to keep with it on the squats. Good job!!