Trade Secret

For Time

1 Mile Run
100 DUs (singles 2 for 1)
1000m Row
100 DUs
1Mile Run

Heat 7 Out For Cali Swim WOD
Out For Cali Swim WOD on July 7th was a huge success! See you guys again next year!
Lifeguard at work
The only thing that lifeguard staff had to save was a sombrero during our Out For Cali Swim WOD last weekend!

14 Responses to “Trade Secret”

  1. Billdozer

    20:45(RX+). The plus is for being 200+ lbs. not a bad little workout. If only they had this in the open one year. Could have gotten under 20 but my legs almost fell off due to all the sprints Wednesday night

  2. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    27:25 Rx

    No rhythm on second set of DUs, but got it done. I was ready to get my butt kicked by Timbo Slice and Chalkman on this one at 6:30am… but they didn’t show. Billdozer showe..anytime there are DUs he’s a for sure show. We are off to Michigan for 10 days.

    Not so bold prediction: Triple Unders in 2013 Games (deduced from all the not so subtle hints (video of guy doing TUs))

  3. Southpaw

    34:20 singles. This is about 10 minutes faster than I thought I would be able to do it so I’m pretty okay with the time, especially counting 400 singles. Still need work on the tank.

    Loved running the 1st mile with NQN! That really helped me a lot.

    Great job 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

    Safe travels Easy Rider!

  4. lauraD

    36:50 Rx
    That second set of DU’s took

  5. TIMBO

    Easy Rider,

    I do have to apologize. I wanted to be there with you and Billy but yesterdays 4 pm wod was not kind to my body. I needed a little extra recovery time. I plan to be there at noon.

  6. landfil

    24:00 RX
    First time ever going at noon. HOT.
    You nooners are an insane and tough group doing that on the regular.

  7. Chief

    19:48 scaled the runs to 1/4 shuffles each time and did 200 singles each time.

  8. OG

    25:59 rx

    Hot day today. Nice work everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. T-REX

    34:34(rx). The heat really got to me! Thx for turning the sprinkler on Daniel!
    Way to work Young Guns! They did 800m run / 200 singles / 500m row / 200 singles / 800m run = James 16:10, Justin 18:00, Tyler 22:42. We need longer ropes for someone as tall as Tyler!

  10. Chrissy C

    Did this One this morning (Sunday):
    30:39 (singles)