Clean and Double Jerks


AMRAP in 7 Minutes

  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Pull-ups

Post loads, time and scale in comments.

Atomic CrossFit Team ACF13 Games bound pep rally is this Saturday, 7/20, at Fudruckers in Stafford, starting at 6pm in the back room.  They have a full restaurant menu (with beer and wine) and the place is kids-friendly.

Team ACF

Photo c/o Freddy Hinojosa [Check out]

Atomic CrossFit is Turning Heads [Read more from The CrossFit Games site]

Brian F aka Iceman
Happy Birthday Brian F aka Iceman!

18 Responses to “Milquetoast”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Brian!

    65-75-80-85-90 This needs work. Still have a considerable press instead of jerk & some hesitation since I still feel like I’m going to fall over. Thanks for the help with the jerk balance, Grace.

    4 rounds even. (bands, 13 1/2) Pullups were slow today.

    Big class. Nice to meet David! Great job 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

  2. Chief

    65-75-80-85-90 —– 2 + 10. step ups #16; green band.

    Happy BIrthday Brian!!

  3. carahinojosa

    4rds +6 (20″)
    Started with box jumps, but went to step ups.

  4. Gab

    6 rds + 17 reps
    Happy BDay Iceman

  5. Cliff


    6 rds + 28 reps (30″ box)

  6. facebook-nazzdawgg

    Told myself I’d start posting online!

    4rds + 5(stacked plates,ring rows)

  7. OG


    6 rounds

    I feel I can possibly get 185, maybe even 190 on the jerk. I need to learn to kip or butterfly on my pull ups. Nice work everyone! Happy bday iceman!

  8. Adam Segal

    Happy Birthday Brian

  9. Sex Panther


    4 + 22 (24″)

  10. Nisha

    3+5 (20″)

    Good day, felt strong on the weights….jerks felt good but the cleans were my limiting factor… Gotta get better at those…

  11. Southpaw

    Back for evening open gym. Worked on back & front squats.

    Felt good. Thanks for watching, Napkin.

  12. Num83R5

    Happy Birthday Iceman!

    135-145-155-165-165 Thanks for the coaching tips tonight JB. Will work on them so I can get more efficient on the next round

    4 Rds on the metcon.

    Grab job tonight 6ers

  13. Sami Matson

    35-55-55-66-71 (failed)
    3+24 green band, 24″ step ups

  14. Iceman


    4+25 (green)

    Thanks for the birthday love!