Magic Triplet

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

  • Chest-to-bar pull-up
  • Box jump, 30 inch box
  • GHD sit-up

Post time and scale in comments.

We will have regular schedule this week during the CrossFit Games with the exception of the following cancellations:

WED, 7/24   4pm (WOD and Open Gym)

THU, 7/25   1030am and 7pm Young Guns

MON, 7/29   530am, 630am, 830am, 930am and noon (WOD and Open Gym)

MON , 7/29    1030am and 7pm Young Guns


(video c/o Arthur M aka Numbers)

Sean R nooner situps
Happy Birthday Sean R!

31 Responses to “Magic Triplet”

  1. Iron E

    10:19@blue+green bapu, 24″, anchored sit-ups

  2. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Sean R!

    9:53 (green, 13 1/2, anchored).

    Nice to see Dr. Candice there today. Great work 0530s! Thanks Coach Grace!

    Safe travels everyone. GO TEAM ATOMIC!!!

  3. Gina

    14:49 (24″, green)
    That 24″box is still scary.

  4. sonal

    14:07 (24″)

    They don’t call her trapzs for nothing 🙂 … I was trying to catch up to her on c2b everytime !!!

    Good luck Team Atomic !!!! Will be watching and cheering for you online !!!!!!!

    Fam I missed u :)!!!!!

    Happy birthday Sean.

  5. Papa C

    20:50 1/2 C2B, 1/2 attempts, 30″ box, GHD Good to be back!
    Announcing new grand daughter, Coralie Ann Rachid, born July 6! 6 lbs. 3 oz.

    Team Atomic go for the glory!

    • carahinojosa

      Congratulations!! That is wonderful!

  6. Katie Ramos Swan

    Best of Luck Team Atomic!!! We will be cheering loud and proud for you!

  7. Katie Ramos Swan

    Best of Luck Team Atomic…we will be cheering loud for you!!!

  8. Southpaw

    Papa C congrats on the new grand baby!!! That’s awesome!

  9. carahinojosa

    13:26 (c2b then ring rows bc my hands ripped…20″…anchored sit ups)
    Thank you, Stephanie 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Sean!

  10. Luchador Wrestler

    HBD Sean (HellBoy, SOA, James Hetfield)

    10:46 Rx

  11. andi

    13:41 (c2b/PU’s, 24″)

    Happy Bday Sean! Great to see Summer at noon!

  12. Chief

    15:40 ? scaled 6-1 —- 16″ step ups; crunches.

    Happy Birthday Sean


  13. lauraD

    12:02 blue BAPU, 20″ box12:02 blue BAPU, 20″ box

  14. Kyle D

    12:19 (Blue BAPU for rds 8-1; Anchored SU’s)

    Happy Birthday Sean! Go Team Atomic! Proud to be a small part of the family and CAN’T WAIT to watch online/TV.
    This is when one would normally say something cheesy such as “you guys are already champions”, and you are……
    ……but ‘F’ THAT! Go kick some A$$ and leave it all in Cali !!!! (Those are dollar signs, so I kept it clean.) 🙂

  15. Amber Pearson

    14:33 (band assisted strict pull-ups (goal – strict pull-up ASAP!), 24″)

    Hope I don’t regret doing this many GHD’s today after not doing them for a while!

    Fun at noon today – awesome job, everyone!

  16. Summer Thompson

    16:30RX 30″ box jumps are a little rough.
    Great working out with the noon class!!
    HBD Sean!!

  17. Trip

    12:24 RX

    Happy Birthday Sean!!

    Safe travels to the team tomorrow!!

  18. Famela Due Urcia

    It was dif great seeing the 830 peeps!
    Super excited to see Sonal and G. I missed u two gals oh so much.. Oh yah Just Jerry also! Thanks for having me:)

    HBD Sean

    Good luck Team ACF!!!

  19. JLocks

    HBD Sean!

    11:38 rx. Tried to string a few butterfly c2b at the beginning, but NOOOOO! Couldn’t find my rhythm….then I got lost somewhere between butterfly and kipping. Had to calm the hell down and resign myself to the best kipping pu’s I could muster and just keep moving. Same thing happened at the Open 13.5….ugh! Had about 4 no reps in there too.

  20. Num83R5

    Happy Birthday Sean.

    Hit open gym and worked on my cleans. Thanks Scott and Grace for the coaching tips!

  21. Chrissy C

    HBD Sean!

    10:10 (BAPU/19″/SLSU)
    Did this one in my garage tonight.

  22. T-REX

    16:27(KPU, 24″). Did a few C2B, but it wasn’t happening today. Back after a week of traveling and it shows! Self punishment by running a mile post Wod.
    Thx Sid. Way to work peeps, and YGs!

  23. Max N

    Happy birthday Sean!!

    12:40 Black bapu, 24″ Box Jumps, Anchored SU

  24. SM

    14:28 (C2B, 24″)

    I heart GHD. My hands are intact as well, so overall good times.