David and Goliath

For Time:

75 Squats
400m Run
50 Sit-ups
200m Run
25 Pull-ups
100m Run
10 Deadlifts (315)(225)
25 Walking lunge steps
10 Cleans (225)(155)
25 Walking lunge Steps
200m Heavy Sandbag carry (100)(70)

Post time and scale in comments.

We will have regular schedule this week during the CrossFit Games with the exception of the following cancellations:

THU, 7/25 1030am and 7pm Young Guns

FRI, 7/26Β  10:30am Young Guns

MON, 7/29 530am, 630am, 830am, 930am and noon (WOD and Open Gym)

MON , 7/29 1030am and 7pm Young Guns


Amanda C with castro family
Happy Birthday Amanda! The entire family except for the youngest one CrossFits!
Adam S front squat
Happy Birthday Adam S!

26 Responses to “David and Goliath”

  1. Iron E

    Happy birthday Adam

    21:30@green bapu, 205# DL, 135# clean (last 5 were power cleans), 50# sandbag

    Hit the wall on the last five cleans… Form degraded that I keep on forgetting fast elbows and to drop beneath the bar

    Thanks Billy!

    Welcome Tatyana

  2. SM

    23:54 (185DL 115PC 70SB)

    Happy Birthday Adam!! He did extra meters on his first run to celebrate. Ha.

    I actually thought this one would take longer. Gotta love a chipper. Weights were readily managable, might could have tried more.

    Billy’s shining face and perky spirit were just perfect on this fine hump day.

  3. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Amanda! Happy Birthday, Adam!

    Looks like a great WOD. I hate missing it. Rest day– BOOOO! πŸ™

    Y’all have a great day!

    GO TEAM ACF 13!

  4. TIMBO

    13:27 225# DL, 155# Clean

    Race with Chalkman was intense.

    Great job Billy!

  5. just jerry

    18:11 (245, 155, 70) nice job 6:30.

    Happy birthday adam.

    Happy birthday to my awesome wife πŸ™‚

  6. sonal


    Always fun having Billy at 830 coaching !!! πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday Amanda and Adam !

  7. Iceman

    21:21 (205,135)

    Happy Birthday Adam & Amanda!

  8. Billdozer

    Great to coach the morning classes today. With mostly everyone following my instruction on time domain and movement quality. I did have a bet with Chalkman and Timmy, on my time for this workout, which I did by myself at 7:30.

    14:48(RX). So i was supposed to beat their time which they did at the crossfit kids prescribed weight but alas, i couldnt. Tim and Henley are just too much for me, and I was defeated today. In all seriousness though, it was a great to watch the two of them duke it out this morning.

  9. Patrick Deiss

    17:36 (275/205/70)
    Great opportunity to train under the legendary Billy Nash. Good race with Jessica until the power cleans!

  10. Jimy

    19:34 (245,145,70)

    Ball so hard mofos wanna find me.

  11. Chief

    19:17 scaled these parts:

    10 Squats
    50 crunches
    25 green band pull ups
    10 Deadlifts #45
    19 pole assisted lunges
    10 Cleans #45
    5 pole assisted lunges
    200 m shuffle with no sand bag

  12. Sex Panther

    23:02 (245,155,70)

    Happy Birthday Amanda and Adam!

  13. JLocks


    28:40 rx

    Thank you Stephanie, Hanna, Sid, Phil, Drew, Daniel, Jammie, and whoever else helped me keep moving. Crazy that the DL’s and the Cleans probably took half of my time, but…..I did it. Really focused on making sure my form was right so that I didn’t have one miss. Compared to the other RX times I was obviously slow, but I broke new ground under load and THAT was my little victory for today.

  14. Chalkman

    13:03 Kids Rx (225,155)

    Billy, Tim and I give you an “S” for effort.

  15. landfil

    Happy Birthday Amanda and Adam!

    Good to be back.
    Awesome huge class at 6 today.
    Great work Joe.

    Don’t remember my time but…guessing slow.

  16. Silverback

    16:11 (265/175/100)
    Fun little chipper. Was inspired by Joe’s hard work during 6pm class.

  17. Adam Segal

    24:24 (205,135, bapu on last 3). Thanks for the push Kuleen. Billy great pointers on cleans, great stuff! SM thanks for noting my detour, makes my time a bit easier to deal with! I appreciate all the birthday wishes, incredible community and glad to be a part of it.

  18. Kyle D

    20:19 (245, 135, 50)

    I need to remember this workout for the next time that I feel like kicking myself in the junk.

  19. OG

    18:49 ladyRx

    taking time to put on my gloves and straps didn’t help. this was a good workout and I kind of regret not giving that 100lb bag a try now…

    Nice work everyone!

  20. Jammie

    20:25 (ONE-ARMED MODIFICATIONS thanks to Steph!)
    – Dumbbell Pulls (right arm only, 20#) in place of pull-ups
    – 25 V-ups in place of deadlifts
    – KB Cleans (right arm only, 20#)
    – Sand bag carry reduced to 50# since I could only use one arm (and Judy had to help me lift it in place!!)

    Also, thank you to everyone who has been tying my shoes for me for the last few weeks.

  21. Chrissy C

    HBD Adam and Amanda!!!!

    20:30 (BAPU/115 DL/65 Clean/50 SB carry). Did this in my garage and on the street πŸ™‚

    Great WOD,!

  22. T-REX

    21:02 (only scaled the clean to 135, everything else was RX) Did this one on Thurs OG since I was coaching. Huge class at 6pm! Thanks Steph for stickin around! That’s a great sentiment Joe, you against yourself! …and Adam, geez! Applause all around!