Hand Cannon

5 rounds for time:

  • 10 Squat Cleans (135)(95)
  • 20 Pull-ups

Post time and scale in comments.

Beth Teach CrossFit Games 2013 DeadLift
Happy Birthday Coach Beth aka Teach! What an awesome birthday celebration having participated in the CrossFit Games 2013 Fittest Team Competition. Teach has been crossfitting since February 2008 with G in her garage and in their neighborhood park in Missouri City. This was an awesome 6 1/2 years journey to the ultimate competition, The CrossFit Games. (photo c/o Liz N)

(c/o ofย  “D” with Sailing Stones)

29 Responses to “Hand Cannon”

  1. Paige H.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEACH! I was in awe watching you this past weekend – you kicked butt…grateful to workout with you!

  2. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Awesome work at the games! Hope you have a great day!

    19:47 (45, green). Always fun pacing Eileen. :).

    My only rep that Grace liked made me fall over backwards. Funny– sort of….

    Great job 0530s! Excellent class Coach Grace, thanks!

  3. SM

    26:55 RX

    Those squat cleans got progressively slower. Never thought I would be happy to do 100 pull ups. Thanks for the support 5:30!

  4. Katie Ramos Swan

    Happy Birthday Teach!! Awesome picture!

    So proud of Team Atomic!

  5. Katie Ramos Swan

    Happy Birthday Teach!! Awesome picture!

    So proud of Team Atomic!

  6. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    18:46 Rx

    That was easier than it looked. I mean that was harder than it looked. Hands ripped again..even with gymnastic grips…oh well.

    Good seeing Daniel …. great job Team Atomic.. way to represent. Good job Sonal and the rest of 8:30.

  7. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    Happy Bday Teach. Very proud of Team Atomic.

  8. Gina

    Happy Birthday Teach! You are an inspiration to all of us at the box!

    22:13 (band)
    Thanks G for having faith that I could do the 95#! I would have been mad at myself during/afterwards if I’d gone down.

    Great to see all the 5:30am peeps again!

  9. sonal

    Happy birthday Beth!!!!
    Great job Team Atomic.

    18:14 rx…. last ten pull ups were ring rows .. was leaving waay to much dna on the bar fighting the rips…

  10. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Teach!
    I think in a few more short years, I will have taught you all I know about CrossFit. Use this great knowledge to accomplish big things in this sport.

  11. Luchador Wrestler

    Happy Birthday Beth

    Great Noon class today – lots of folks

    16:55 rx

  12. Patrick Deiss

    15:45 rx
    Good working with everyone at noon!
    HBD Teach!

  13. Chief

    18:42 scaled to 5 reps of squats and pullups each round – did hanging squat cleans #35.

    Happy birthday Beth!

    Great job ACF team at the Games.

  14. carahinojosa

    18:16 (65, started out with pullups but quickly realized it was a ring row day)

  15. Chrissy C

    HBD Teach!!!!

    15:41 (55 rnd 1/46 rnd 2-5/10 BAPU per round)

  16. Sex Panther

    29:20 Rx

    Happy Birthday Beth!!! Great class tonight, thanks!

  17. Trip

    Happy Birthday Teach!!

    Thank you Team Atomic for an incredible weekend! You are all amazing!


  18. T-REX

    18:12(rx). Pull-ups slowed me down, sq cl felt good. Can someone please teach me how to breathe properly! Gasp! Post Wod punishment mile jog. Thx Teach, you are blessed today bday girl!

  19. Eileen

    19:41; 45# – Always a pleasure WODing next to you, Southpaw.
    Felt a big difference keeping the bar close to me. Wasn’t so tipsy on the squats.
    Happy Birthday, Teach!

  20. Iron E

    20:41@95#, bapu (gr 1st rd, gr+bl for rest)

    Happy birthday Beth! Great class

  21. Disco :D

    Happy Birthday Beth!!!!! So proud of ACF!!!!!!

    23?? Tough!!

  22. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes ACF family! Had a great evening coaching tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ This one was tough, glad I was on a rest day!

    Good to see so many on-ramp grads tonight. They were taught well, form was spot on!

  23. Kyle D

    20:54 (95#, Blue BAPU rds 2-5)
    Tough for me today, really tough. Got a little tweak in my back, plus these are still hard movements for me. Glad I didn’t quit <<<<silver lining

  24. OG

    24:35 rx

    That was tough. Nice work everyone and happy bday again Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. G

    Late post for Tuesday’s WOD:
    17:29 (Rx) I needed that Trip – you make me better ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!
    Thanks for an awesome class Teach; it was a treat being coached by the birthday girl and the best of the best!
    HOT but glad to be back in Texas because I was starting to really get used to the dry air, sunny and cool weather of California.

  26. Freddy Hinojosa

    Later post for Tuesday’s WOD:)
    16:26 115#
    Thanks to Beth for the footwork tips and to Bob for the hook grip tweak. Happy birthday, Beth.