AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 10 Wallball (20)(14)
  • 10 Box Jumps (24″)(20″)
  • 10 Deadlifts (185)(135)
  • 10 Burpees

Post number of rounds + extra reps and scale in comments.

ACF13 carrying The Worm photo by Khara B
Our Team ACF13 at the CF Games 2013 Affiliate Cup Championship was captured carrying The Worm by Special K.

16 Responses to “Gadda-da-vita”

  1. lauraD

    5+9 10# WB, 85# DL (all DL unbroken, woohoo!)
    Great Job 630!

  2. Southpaw

    5 even. (10#, 18 step, 115). Finished the last burpee as time was called. Went light on the deadlifts since I knew the whole rest of wod would be slow for me– since the 3 things I’m the worst at we’re in the mix.

    (Today’s body sweat was an interesting combination of burpee mud + rope remnants. By the way, that is tough to explain to people who don’t know CrossFit.)

    Great job 0530s! Awesome class Coach Daniel, thanks!

  3. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    6 + 26 (mostly step ups)

    Felt like I wimped out to do so many step ups instead of jumps. It may have been pure survival instinct kicking in. I was gasping for air just doing a few reps of each movement before the wod began, and didn’t get better once wod started. But, I was able to keep moving (although slow).

    Strong warm up and wod programming.

    Good seeing Eric at 8:30.

  4. Amber Pearson

    4+34 (115# DL)
    This was r-o-u-g-h. Struggled through the entire WOD and went outside twice because I thought I might throw up. What lovely Houston air – Yuck!
    Was fun to meet the 9:30 crew though – I think that was the only class time I hadn’t been to yet! Great job everyone!

  5. Russell J

    4 + 12

    Ever watch those National Geographic documentaries about the old and injured wildebeest that is singled out by the lions as easy prey? Yeah, well, that’s me these days (the wildebeest, not the lion). Scaled this one a whole bunch as I continue to rehab the hamstring.

    Even though I was doing only 75# on the DL – extremely light, even for me – the hammy cramped up halfway through the first round, so I switched to sit-ups per Arnold’s recommendation. Did only 10# on WB, and step-ups on a 20″ box. Burpees were … well, burpees.

  6. T-REX

    7rds. We’ve been doing the short metcons all week that this 20 min amrap got old quick. All I kept thinking of Arnold saying “just keep moving!” Like Dori from Finding Nemo. Nice meeting Casey! Great pic TeamACF13!

  7. Trip

    7+21 RX

    Great 5pm class! Nice to meet Kegan (sp?)
    Thanks for the push Arnold! You know exactly what to say to get me moving!