Team WOD

(Time cap 45 minutes)

For time complete:
Teams of Four all reps cumulative

600m Run – 2 People
50 Power Snatch (65)(45)
400m Run – 2 People
60 Push-ups
200m Run – 4 people
70 KB Swings (53)(40)
100m Run together -4 people
80 Dips (ring)(parallette)

2000m Row – 4×500
80 Double-Unders
100m Run – 4 People
70 Slam Balls
200m Run – 4 People
60 DL (155)(105)
400m Run – 2 People (didn’t run the first 400m)
50 Burpees
600m Run – 2 People (didn’t run the first 600m)

Post team members’ names, time and scale in comments.

Bob L Team Sting 2013
Happy Birthday Bob L aka Face aka CrocFace aka F250!
(photo c/o MasterG)
Candice SDHP
Happy Birthday Candice !
Charles G
Happy Birthday Charles G!

5 Responses to “Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock”

  1. Iron E

    44:57 – team gangsta squad
    MikeB, Justin, Randy, Iron E

    Happy birthday Bob, Candice, Charles

  2. Sex Panther

    37:58 – Easy Rider, Chalkman, Wolverine, Sex Panther. Fun this morning, great job!

    Happy Birthday Candice, Bob, and Charles!!

  3. MikeB

    Happy Birthday Bob, Candice and Charles!

    Way to go Team Gangsta Squad (Iron E, Justin aka Shogun!, Randy, and MikeB)!
    44:57 – finished before the cutoff time!

    Great work today everyone! Thanks for the additional burpees Special K (during the warmup) and JB (during the wod)…. Lol!

  4. T-REX

    Active rest day. Did 2 miles running and hill intervals at the Meadows. On-ramp was all ladies, and everyone did great! HBD errbody! :p

  5. Southpaw

    Happy birthday y’all!!

    Sorry I missed this one. Looks awesome!