The Bear Complex (Atomic Style)

Every Two Minutes for 10 Minutes

25 DUs or 7 Burpees
1 Set of “The Bear”

Set = moving through the sequence below in order 7 times without dropping the bar; movements can be “chained” together as long as all depth and extensions are hit. You can pause anywhere during the sequence anytime, however the bar cannot rest on the ground until the sequence has been completed 7 times.

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Rack Jerk
Loading for Rx per round

Men 95\95\115\115\135
Women 65\65\85\85\95

Annotate loads and completed sets. Failing to complete the required work in 2 minutes constitutes a miss. Dropping the bar mid-set also constitutes a miss. (i.e., 7/7/6/5/4 (Rx)ย  orย  7/7/7/7/5 (45-55-65-75-85)ย  For reference, check out prior ‘traditional’ Bear Complex WOD on April 9, 2013.

Tim C FS
Happy Birthday Tim C!
Arianna June On Ramp
Happy Birthday Arianna!

22 Responses to “The Bear Complex (Atomic Style)”

  1. Gina

    7/7/5/5/5 (65#)

    The bear definitely beat my butt today. 4 days of sitting and bad food choices did not help either.

  2. Jerk

    Happy birthday, Tim! Good work today, Old Man.

    Happy Birthday, Arianna! Haven’t met you yet, but have a great day!

    7/5/5/5/5 (65#)
    Scaled reps because I felt myself wanting to cheat on depth.
    That was rough.

  3. SM

    7/7/4/4/7 (65# DU)

    HBD Tim! Careful ladies this young fox is collecting kisses for the birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow, adding the DU/burpee buy in each round sure made it spicy. After the second round I knew there would be no weight added. The time constraint also helps to make this one tough. Nice to see Sparky in the am!

  4. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Tim! I wish I had remembered to tell you in person. Your birthdate memory is far superior to mine! Great job today, & I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

    Happy Birthday, Arianna! I hope you have a great day!

    7 X 5 (burpees, 25/30). It’s easier to get the reps if there’s very little weight on the bar, especially if you’re doing the burpees (aka penalty for not having DUs aka extreme motivation to get DUs). But even with almost no weight it’s still HARD!! WOW!.

    I like the Bear Complex a lot, (but not so much with the speed & burpees), & I was really into this. At round 6 I looked at all the bodies on the floor & started to yell at them to get up & do some work– then they yelled back at me that there were only 5 rounds! I think there was some additional mumbling but I couldn’t make out what they were saying :). Good news! Everyone was still alive, they were just in the CrossFit recovery position. .

    So, group, here’s my question. If I got all the reps, & I was still standing & yelling at them to get up at the end, does that mean I needed more weight on the bar? Probably so. Will I redo it this afternoon with more weight? Hmmm…Probably not unless I get DUs before then!

    Excellent work 0530s! Awesome class Coach Daniel, thanks!

    Happy National Left-Handed (Southpaw) Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dianna Syed

    Some days you eat the BEAR and some days the BEAR eats you!
    scaled burpees too :/ just to get through this.
    35# 7/7, 7/7, 5/5, 5/5. 5/7

  6. leanderjean1

    7/7/3/3/3 (45) dammm I feel weak.. need to take on ramp over.. lol #ilovecrossfit

  7. andi

    7/7/7/7/5 (55) Post WOD remorse, wish I woulda’ gone for the 65# (sad face)

    Great seeing Freddy at Noon!

  8. Eileen

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Tim…we get to hear a new number now.
    Hope you have an awesome day today, Arianna. Happy Birthday.

  9. Sean

    7/7/6/4/2 85#, off 2 weeks and come back to Bear Complex which I have never done, WOW!! Loved it though, glad to be back and seeing the nooners!!! HBD Tim & Arianna

  10. Chrissy C

    HBD Tim!!!
    HBD Arianna!!

    Did this in my garage.
    35#-7/7, 7/5,7/5,7/5,7/7(+12seconds)

    My husband, Chief, was kind enough to time the rounds for me. Sitting in a chair, in front of the big fan, sipping on an icey cold Gatorade, yelling out endearing statements such as “Is that all you got??”‘ “giving into fatigue is a choice” And…”get this last round in and don’t embarrass me in front of Hobo (the dog)!!”

  11. Sex Panther

    7/7/5/4/5 65# burpees.

    Happy Birthday Arianna and Tim!!

  12. sonal

    7/7/5/7/7 65#
    nice one Jim !!! Didnt see the fine print on this one sunday .

    Most exhausting ten minutes

    Hbd Arianna and Tim .

  13. arnold

    Wow! The buy in just killed me… heart ended up jumping out of my chest into the chalk bucket!

  14. T-REX

    7/7/5/3/7 (65). Wow impressive work Jess, Sonal, and SM! I felt strong enough on the complex but once again couldn’t breath. I know it’s bc even though I can string DUs, it really isn’t efficient (more like tuck jumps). Also, wish I could squat clean the first rep, but Jim wasn’t having that! HBD Tim and Arianna!

  15. Jimy

    7/7/7/7/5 65/DU

    My boys Freddy and George (snapshot) in the house. Good game.

  16. Kyle D

    Dang, Freddy showed up for the nooner and I got stuck with meetings and work BS all day! Miss working out with you, bud. Maybe next time. Welcome back Sean. Happy bday to Tim and Arianna.