Shark Week

5 Rounds For Time

  • 10 Box Jumps (30″)(24″)
  • 10 KB Swings (70)(53)
  • 10 OH KB Walking Lunge Steps (70)(53)
  • 10 Plyo Push-Ups (hands jump to 45# plates)

Post time and scale in comments.

ACF shirtspotting Tina T Hash Harriers Red Dress Run
ACF shirtspotting with Tina T at the Hash Harriers Red Dress Run

21 Responses to “Shark Week”

  1. Lesley Griffith

    19:26 (regular push ups)
    The OHW lunges with the KB became real tricky really fast!

  2. Gina

    17:58 (44# OWL, reg pu)

    It’s always epic when Jim is there to ‘encourage’ you first thing in the am with three workouts.

    Good to see O’Malley back!

  3. Trip

    13:36 rx

    Great joining the early morning crew. Thanks Jim for pushing me during the WOD. Always a pleasure when Jim’s there!

  4. just jerry

    18:12 (rx) Good one. Ohwl were tough. Good race sonal. Good job 8:30.

  5. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    16:42 Rx- (1/2 step ups)

    Nice joining 9:30 class.

  6. Chief

    13:42 —-Scaled this way:
    5 Rounds
    •10 Step ups (16″)
    •10 KB Swings (18)
    • 5 OHL with 10 pound plate
    •10 Plyo Push-Ups (hands jump to 45# plates

  7. Iceman

    Jim + Crossfit Games = Spicy WODs Forever

    19:04 (44#, 24″ box) – started with 53# but 2 steps into the OHWL I knew it wasn’t going to fly

  8. David E

    17:30 – 24″, 53#, 2×53/3×44, 1×25# plate/4x HR push-ups

    1st week at Atomic!! Thanks to all the coaches and athletes for making me feel welcome!

  9. T-REX

    3 mile jog this AM.
    18:44(rx). TRex transformed into a cobra the last 2 Rds of the plyo push-ups. Nice pacing w/ u Trapz! Thx G! Holy smokes Tammi! Awesome time!

  10. coloradotexan

    11:39 (1st round Rx, Rounds 2-5 had to drop to a 53 lb Kettlebell) … almost dropped that 70lb on my head in the middle of round 2 lunges! Great workout!

  11. Kyle D

    Thanks Daniel for pushing us Noonies to keep the “average” time down….at the hottest workout. Boom!
    And thanks for helping with the after workout muscle up attempts! :). Maybe next year.