Core Advantage

1000m Row


50 Push-Ups

40 Burpee Bar Hops

4 x 30sec Plank Hold

20 Deadlifts (185)(125)

10 Squat Cleans (135)(95)


100 DUs

Post results in comments.

JenC Front Squat
Happy Birthday Jen C!

ACF will be hosting Memorial WODs for those lost within the firefighter community this year. While we can’t specifically mention all lost, these two events will be our way of acknowledging the sacrifices of those serving to protect our communities every day.

Make sure to show up and donate whatever you can to help (all drop-in fees will be donated to charity, so bring your friends). We cannot forget the sacrifices of those who protect our communities. We will honor Firehouses 68 and 51 Saturday, August 17th and The Granite Mountain Hotshots Saturday, August 31st with the rest of our CrossFit community.

Firefighter fundraising

Firehouse 68 and 51 on Saturday, August 17th at 8:30am (photo c/o Firehouse 68) [Donate]

The Granite Mountain Hotshots on Saturday, August 31st at 8:30am [Donate]

23 Responses to “Core Advantage”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Jen C!!

    26:51 (65 clean, singles) I liked this WOD (even the burpees)!

    I was lucky enough & smart enough to position myself next to the Mighty Panda this morning! Thanks for the tips & for keeping me moving on the cleans, Panda!

    Great work 0530s! Awesome class, Coach Grace, thanks!

  2. SM

    27:15 RX

    HBD Jen C!!!

    This was a fun friday work out. Got up tired, but left the box energized. Good to have Panda working out with us mere mortals.

  3. Iceman

    28:14 (165#, 115#, singles)

    Panda thanks for the squat clean help!

  4. just jerry

    22:20 (rx) Good times 8:30.

    Happy birthday Jen.

  5. Dirty D

    25:55 modified (115, 65) 200 singles, 50 situps, 8 burpees, 60 squats.
    Nice seeing the 0830 crew!
    Enjoy your BDay Jen C πŸ™‚

  6. Trip

    17;47 RX
    Thought the morning wouldn’t be as hot as the evening but turns out it is! Great class!
    Great coaching Ram!

  7. ava

    Definitely tough one for me! Debated for a while if I even wanted to come but glad I did!

    Thanks Grace & the 8:30 for all the support!!

    26 something (95#, 35#, 100 singles)

  8. lauraD

    85# DL, 65# SC… feel like I should’ve done more on the DL
    Happy Birthday Jen!

  9. leanderjean1

    24:15 115/65/du 5 days this week.. ready for vacation…

  10. Chief

    24:45 scaled these movements:

    10 burpees; 10 DL and squats using #45; 200 singles

    Happy Birthday Jen C

  11. Gina

    29:4? (Rx- reg pu, but NOT chest to floor)

    Felt really slow, but did do all 100 du. Thanks Panda for the du encouragement, even if I did tell you to go away! πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday Jen!!

  12. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    22:07 Rx (or RX+(might have done extra 20 DUs)

    Good job 8:30.. great seeing everyone.

  13. Iron E

    Knee push-up (switched from regular to knee halfway through), 145#, 95#, 200 su

  14. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    17:24 (rx)

    Fun at 5:00 tonight right before the rain came!

    Happy Birthday Jen C!