Problem Child

For time complete

60 DUs
90 Seconds Cumulative L-sit hold (feet above 2×45 stacked)
20 Deadlifts (135)(95)
1 Legless rope climb (scale: varying heights or legless hold for 20 seconds etc…no legs or static hold pull-up)———————————————–
40 DUs
60 Seconds L-sit Hold
15 G2OH (135)(95)
1 Legless Rope Climb
20 DUs
30 Seconds L-sit Hold
5 OHS (135)(95)
1 Legless Rope Climb

Post time and scale in comments.

L-Seat Progression 1

L-Seat Progression 2

L-Seat Progression 3

Happy Birthday Michael S!

Suyen aka Susy R
Happy Birthday Susy R!
Angela H
Happy Birthday Angela H!

17 Responses to “Problem Child”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday Michael S! Happy Birthday Susy R! Happy Birthday Angela H!

    25:25 (barbell hops, x-sit, G2OH 55, OHS 45, 20sec hang {cumulative- same with the x-sits})

    I think that covers it. Hoping to improve my x-sits to soon be h-sits or maybe someday even L sits. I dream big. 🙂

    So nice to see Eileen this morning. And great job on those L sits, Eileen!

    Good work 0530s! Awesome class Coach Grace, thanks!

  2. Iceman

    23:45 (hops, L-sit w/ bent legs, 135 dead lift, 115 G2OH, 65 OHS, legless hold on ropes)

    First rope climb I went up half way and then hung for 10 sec.

  3. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    20:35 (L-sit scale- bent legs)

    My L-sit needs a lot of work… pretty pathetic. Legless rope climb got a little dicey on last one. Nice programming.

    Happy Bday to all.

  4. lauraD

    L-sit with bent legs, legless hold on rope,
    65# DL, 65# G2OH, 45# OHS
    Happy Birthday everyone!

  5. just jerry

    17:25 (hollow body, rope hold) I can hardly get up the rope with legs so without legs isn’t my thing. Nice job 8:30.

  6. Jimy

    15:02 (L-sits: started out with two 45’s and eventually scaled to 1 w/only one leg out, Rope Climbs: started out with half climbs and eventually scaled to holds. Front squats instead of OHS).

    I became frustrated and mentally defeated. I definitely need to work on that.

  7. Trip

    17:40 (1 plate for hold, 1st rope climb legless, next 2 got half way up with legless then went the rest of the way with legs. Came down legless)
    Definitely a spicy WOD! Great 9:30 class!! Nice to meet Floe and welcome Lisa to ACF!

  8. Sami Matson

    30DU, 20DU, 20DU
    L-sit hold tuck
    45# DL and G2OH
    Legless hold
    35# OHS
    Was fun to get my double-unders going on every other jump

  9. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Michael, Susy, and Angela
    19:42: scaled sit-ups for DUs; L-sits in spurts; dl = 55#; G2OH = 35#; OHS scaled to G2OH = 55#; LRope (scaled chin over bar holds – 45 sec.)

  10. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday everyone!!! Hope your day has been great!!

    Back squat x 3 and some snatch play. Ran out of time, have been spoiled with summer training time.

  11. Chalkman

    19:43 Rx
    L-sits were ugly and in very short increments…

  12. Chief

    19:42 SIBAR – Scaled It Beyond All Recognition!

    Happy Birthday Everyone!

  13. Iron E

    13:40 – su, 95# DL G2OH, 65# OHS, Lsit bent legs, Legless rope holds

  14. T-REX

    19:35( Hollowbody and pull-up bar hold). Barbell was fun, the rest – meh. Thx Sid! HBD everyone!

  15. The Professor

    27:30 (not sure about L-sits, used the || bars and a 30″ box, only 2/3 the way up on last rope climb) – HBD all

  16. Adam Segal

    22:01. // hops, bent leg sit, 135#, 95#, 115# FS, legless rope
    Thanks for the encouragement on the way up the rope Grace,very helpful!
    Billy Nash thanks for the climbing tips, will use next time.

  17. OG

    21:07 (half 1 plate “L” sit, half hollow body, #115)

    L sits were nasty. The legless rope climb wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Nice work everyone 🙂