Pirate Ship



Row 1000m
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
Run 600m

Post loads on DL, time and scale on MetCon in comments.


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ACF shirtspotting wife OHS Truong couple
ACF shirspotting – Wife OHS with our Truong Couple, Philip and Tina!
Judy tRex acf shirtspotting zip line in Austin
ACF shirtspotting with T-Rex’s zip line fun in Austin, TX!

20 Responses to “Pirate Ship”

  1. SM

    175-195-205-225-245 PR
    19:36 RX

    Welcome to Adam as our new morning coach! Thanks Dean for the push to try more weight. Lesley got me to run when I soooo did not want to. Anything with 50 push ups I am going to be slow at. However it was nice to be back at the box after being out sick for a few days.

  2. Dirty D

    yo ho ho
    16:55 rr, situps
    Thanks for setting the pace on the rower, MargaRia!

  3. Gina

    205-225-235-245-250(1) / 17:19 (knee, bapu)
    Great to meet Adam this am – thanks for the tips on deadlifts! They definitely felt more solid.

    Decided to do knee pu since I wanted to finish within an hour. Ugh, why can’t I get push & pull ups? I think we should only do deadlifts & rowing.

  4. Sami Matson

    75-80-85-90-95 – I took an extra set and did 100, just to see if I could πŸ™‚
    16:41 (knees, black band)
    Great to have Adam, Ashley, and Lacey join us this morning!

  5. Jimy

    275/275/285/285/300/312(PR) 14:52 rx

    6th set of DL was poor form and too expensive, but I had my mind set on a PR. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow. Good day.

  6. Papa C

    205-205-215-215-225-235 20:18 Rx (glacial pull ups)
    Good to see DirtyD!

  7. Kyle D

    275-285-285-295-305 (PR)
    13:45 rx
    Great workout. DL’s are getting heavier, push-ups and pull-ups faster, row stamina is building, and Daniel talked me into all out sprinting the last 100m! Thx for the push Ram!

  8. The Professor


    21:30 (Rx) [row in 3:23]

    Great sharing a bar with Dozer, Panda, & Big Mike! Died during pull-ups – more than 35 singles :-/ No back pain!!!

  9. carahinojosa

    95-115-135-145-145…still scared of deadlifts and hurting my back again.

    17:31 (some knees)

  10. Dar

    16:32 kpu(about 10 regular pu)/600m row(nursing shin splints)

  11. OG


    Wore out after the 10th pull up. Sets of 5 were difficult and dwindled down to 3 eventually. Both calves were cramping up on the run which slowed me down a bit. Ugh.

    Panda, Billy, Prof and Big Mike were a site to watch. Nice work 5pm πŸ™‚