New addition to Atomic CF’s Coaching Team

Adam L Snatch

Announcing our latest addition to the Atomic CrossFit coaching team, Adam Longoria.  Please join us in welcoming him.  He is a great addition to our staff and will be coaching the Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30am and 6:30am classes.

Born in Houston Texas Adam grew up climbing the ranks of martial arts under the instruction of Wayne Nguyen. In August of 1996 Longoria received an adult black belt at the age of 15 with a unanimous vote of a highly decorated black belt panel.  Later that year Adam would receive an opportunity to try out for a world class level sport karate team which he made.  In that same year Adam would win his first world title in Brick Breaking.  Over the next four years he would find himself traveling the world for sport karate competition earning 10 world titles, setting world records that still stand today, earning a spot in the National Black belt League Hall of Fame, making the cover of SMASH Magazine and featured in Sports illustrated.  After a successful sport karate career Adam would move on to full contact combat sports such as MMA, Western Boxing and Muay Thai.  While working a side job teaching police cadets hand to hand combat and close quarter restraint Adam would see a group of people running, flipping tires and throwing weights around.  After asking about what was going on he would find himself trying out Crossfit for the very first time.  Instantly addicted, he has been in pursuit of as much knowledge and experience within this modality of fitness as possible ever since.  Since the age of 13 Adam has always been a gym rat.

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