Lynch Mob

Push-Jerk Ladder (115)(85)
Beginning at 1 rep the first minute, EMOTM add a rep (2 rep the second minute, 3 reps the 3rd etc…) until failure to complete the number of required reps.
Total reps is your score.
AMRAP 15 Minutes

10 Ring Rows (feet on 30″ box, rings at 30″)
10 Decline Push-ups
30 sec. Plank Hold
30 DUs
400m Run

Post the final minute completed on ladder and number of rounds + reps and scale on AMRAP in comments.

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, 8/31, on our efforts to support CrossFit’s Support the HotShots.

We are open for Open Gym on Sunday from 8am-10am as usual.

We will be closed for our regular classes on Monday, Labor Day, 9/2 except for the following times:

7:30am WOD, 8:30am WOD, 9:30am WOD and 7:30-10:30 Open Gym

G and Ava
Happy Birthday Ava!!
Audrey H 930crew
Tomorrow is Audrey H’s birthday. Happy Birthday Audrey H!

16 Responses to “Lynch Mob”

  1. Kyle D

    Thanks everyone for the bday wishes yesterday. I spent the entire day 110 miles offshore and had no service!

    Happy bday Ava and Audrey H!

    Good luck with everything Ram. You will be missed as my coach. Thank you for everything!

  2. Lesley Griffith

    HBD Ava and Audrey!
    Push Jerk ladder – 12 rds + 9 (rx) = 87 reps
    AMRAP- 2 + 100m (24″/18″/plate hops)

  3. Nisha

    12 rounds RX (78 reps total)
    2 rounds + 5 DUs

    Today was 5th day in a row…I’m done for the week!!!

  4. Iceman

    Stopped at 10 rounds b/c shoulder/neck – 95#

    3 (parallette hopes)

  5. just jerry

    15 rds (rx)/3×20 (rx) fun times this morning. Awesome race sonal. Good job 8:30.

    Happy birthday ava and audrey.

  6. sonal

    12 rds rx
    3+10 rx (I went to plank and forgot 10 pushups on last rd…whoops) almost Jerry 🙂

    Hbd Ava and Audrey

  7. andi

    11 + 5 rx

    2 + 80 + 100m run

    Best wishes for your bright future Coach Daniel! See ya ’round the box!!

  8. Sean

    10 rds + 2 / 2 + 80 (scaled du). Happy B-day Ava & Audrey. Great having you as a coach Ram!!

  9. Gina

    9 rds RX (shoulder started screaming)
    2+30 du (ring rows, reg pushups)

    Thank you Daniel for the aweseme coaching these past 3 years! Best of luck wherever life leads you.

  10. Speedy J

    21+1 just because..what a fun packed house at 5pm, thanks for helping me get to 21. Glad we were side by side Jamie!

  11. T-REX

    15(rx)/2+80(scaled RR & reg PUs). If you did good in the first half, your amrap would suck, at least mine did! HBD ladies! Shoulder seems to be acting up again, so been spending lots of time w/ foam roller & mobility balls. Thx 4pmers for the cheers! Thx G!

  12. ava

    Thanks everyone! And Happy Birthday Audrey & Kyle!

    Good Luck Daniel! Thanks for coaching all those mornings!