WE ARE OPEN FOR 7:30am WOD, 8:30am WOD, 9:30am WOD AND 8:30am OPEN GYM ONLY FOR TODAY!

For Time

20 Push-ups (C2G)

200m Run
20 Push-ups
20 Box Jumps (24′”)(20″)

400m Run
20 Push-ups
20 Box Jumps
20 Medicine Ball Cleans (20)(14)

600m Run
20 Push-ups
20 Box Jumps
20 Medicine Ball Cleans
20 C2B Pull-ups

Post time and scale in comments.

Nicole Disco D Ring Rows
Happy Birthday Nicole H aka Disco D!

14 Responses to “SnowBall”

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Nicole!

    27:15 (15 1/2 in, green). That’s 7 minutes slower than I was aiming for. :(. I went s fast as I could but unfortunately that’s pretty slow. I wish I could go faster. I’ll keep working on it. Nice to have a goal ( or 2 or 3).

    It was hard to hang on to the pull up bars since they were slippery by the time I got there.

    Very exciting to see the changes to the box!! Can’t wait to see it finished!

    Great job 0730s! Thanks Coach JB & Coach Jim!

  2. T-REX

    21:20(rx). 20 C2B PUs in a Wod is a PR for me :). Thx JB and Jim! Hbd Nicole!

  3. Luchador Wrestler

    Great to see so many people this morning doing such good work.

  4. Chrissy C

    24:15 (15 pull-ups/10# med ball/18 in box/green band)

    Good WOD Jimmy!!!

  5. Adam Segal

    20:02. 15 chin up. 5 ctb. No band, so it’s a victory!

  6. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    Happy Bday Nicole!

    Good to see everyone, great way to start a labor day.

    18:46 Rx

  7. MikeB

    25:56 Rx

    Great to see so many people today. Awesome job everyone!