AMRAP 12 Minutes

  • 15 Push-Press (95)(65)
  • 10 Hang Cleans (95)(65)
  • 1 Rope Climb

Post number of rounds + reps and scale in comments.

6pm Crew Pull-up Bar
Pull-Ups with the 6pm Crew (photo c/o Nisha D)

26 Responses to “Jar-Jar”

  1. Gina

    4+4 (RX)
    Awesome, large crowd this am!

    Let me just say that rope climbs are one of my least favorite moves. My scar was just starting to heal/disappear.

  2. Gina

    FYI: There are several dozen farm-fresh, non-gmo eggs in the cooler. Just leave your money in the gray case. Let me know if you have questions.

  3. Southpaw

    3+ 14 (45).

    Loved the energy in the large class this morning! Great work everyone!

    Awesome class, Coach Grace, thanks!

  4. just jerry

    4+3 (rx) nice job 8:30. Good to see jackrabbit back! Awesome class, stephanie!

  5. andi

    4 + 16 rx

    Thanks Steph! You always manage to get “one more” rep out of me!!!

    Good job big noonie class!!

  6. MikeB

    3+18 Rx

    Great 930 class today! Kept up with KTB on the first round but she pulled away steadily afterwards. Great job everyone!

    Nice to see Jackrabbit and Lisa H back at the box today!

    Great job coaching today Steph!

  7. Kyle D

    4+15 (75#)
    Great job coach Stephanie and all my noonies. Big class today!
    I finally figured out the rope climbs! Woohoo!

  8. leanderjean1

    3+23(65) scale rope … I can’t wait for the day to finally get rx… πŸ™‚

  9. Luchador Wrestler

    Good Clean Fun today / welcome back Mad Dog.
    5+3 RX

  10. Nisha

    4 + 14 (10″ rope climbs)

    Rope climbs are so mental for me. I can get 1/2 way up without a problem but freeze before I get to the top…
    Nice to visit with the noon class on a rare day off…. Maybe I should look into early retirement πŸ™‚

  11. Chief

    2 rounds scaled the cleans to 5 @ round (#45)

    Great coaching job Stephanie!

    Great to see the Jack Rabbit back in action!

  12. OG

    3+1 rx

    Ugh. Butt was kicked. Thanks for the push Keith.

    Nice work everyone!

  13. Trip

    5+18 rx
    Great 6pm class! Sorry to the class for being late and making you all plank πŸ™
    Thanks for the squat clean tips Jim!

  14. T-REX

    5+17(rx). Thx G for your tough love! Thx Jim! Thx Arnold’s eyebrow! πŸ™‚

  15. Sex Panther

    3 + 12 (75)

    This one was hard even with light weight……Nice work OG!

  16. Num83R5

    Yes Jim I did manage to show up this time. Won’t make excuses as to why I was AWOL last week.

    4+18 (95# Rope Get Ups) Ya I know it looks bad RX weight but gets ups? On the plus side I managed to finally climb the rope for the first time right before class. However I am not ready to climb it in a WOD … for now!

    Thanks G for the push at the end. It was needed.

    Great job 6ers!!!!

  17. The Professor

    7 am: 3mi Run – 33:36
    6 pm: 5+25 (65#)

    Post WOD sprints: 3 of 4 under :22