Straight Bourbon

5 Rounds for time

  • 15 Medicine ball sit-ups (20)(14)
  • 20 Dumbbell Rows (45)(35) (10 ea. arm)
  • 25 Double-Unders

Post time and scale in comments.

Peter O push press Open 2013
Happy Birthday Peter O aka Dr. Peter!

29 Responses to “Straight Bourbon”

  1. Gina

    12:59 (RX)
    Got two sets of du unbroken. Now to work on straight du.

    Got to love a morning that starts with 60 pushups!

    Thanks Lesley and Chrissy for the post-WOD run.

    Happy birthday Peter! !

  2. Dirty D

    Many Happy Returns Dr Peter!
    12:48 10#, 20#modified, singles
    I should have planked w a lighter db or modified w a heavier one.
    got a few DU’s in the warm-up!

  3. Paige H.

    First 5:30a class today – great to see everyone!
    11:17 (10#, 20# and DU)

  4. Sex Panther

    25:47 Rx

    DUs weren’t there this morning. Thanks for the help Adam!

    Happy Birthday Peter!!!

  5. SM

    10:41 RX

    This was a fun one. Thanks Adam for the cues and encouragement. Mommy strength!

  6. lauraD

    Sort of lost count & couldn’t decide if I had just finished my 4th or 5th rd… so I did one more for good measure.
    16:33, 25#DB

  7. sonal

    Post wod sprints with Jerry. Emotm 8mins. Consistent with staying at 23sec.

  8. just jerry

    10:41 (rx) post wod torture…. I mean sprints with sonal. Nice job 8:30.

    Happy birthday dr.peter.

  9. carahinojosa

    16:30 (10, 20, du attempts and singles)

    First time doing double unders in a wod. First 3 rounds I did 5 and 60 singles, last 2 rounds I did more :). Thanks, Stephanie, for making me do that!

    Great job, 9:30!

  10. Freddy Hinojosa

    Great to see all my Noon Peeps! Really miss being there.
    Testy little WOD.
    9:17 Rx

    HBD Dr. Peter

  11. andi

    14:10 rx

    Really looking forward to Fall is all I’m gonna say!

  12. The Professor

    HBD Dr. P!

    17:59 (35#, 3 RDs 25 DUs+attempts, 2 RDs 75 singles) DUs really, really slowed me down.

    Post WOD: 25m prowler+180#, 7 100m windsprints (3 under :22), 3 negative HSPUs.

  13. Sean

    11:08 attempted DU’s-need lots of work – got 5 for 2 rds then singles… HBD Dr. Peter

  14. leanderjean1

    14:58 scale … 1 day I will get rx before I die πŸ™‚ lol

  15. OG

    12:16 rx

    Nice run with Eric but he got me on the last set of DB rows. Nice work 5 o’clock. Happy bday Pete!!

  16. Chrissy C

    HBD Peter!

    12:08 (15#DB/singles)
    Liked this WOD!

    Gina- thanks for getting us to run!!! I’ll run anytime (well, if I have time) after a WOD! πŸ™‚

  17. T-REX

    18:10(rx). Midline is horribly weak! Congrats Cara! Thx Beth! Hbd Dr. Peter!

  18. Napkin

    15:54 35# – not sure why but it felt heavy. Another weakness exposed.