Grounded to the Ground

Team WOD (4 people)

Each team will 15 minutes to establish a max Clean (score is combined max lifts)

Rest 5 minutes

Gather the following equipment:

Kettlebell (53)(40)
Wallball (20)(14)
Hammer (10)
Sandbag (70)(50)

On “3-2-1-go” Pick the all equipment up.
Only after the exercise is complete with the item being held, can it be dropped.
Example: After the 100 hammer strikes, the hammer can be dropped.
10 burpee penalty for all team members for breaking this rule, but the equipment must stay off the ground during burpees too.

Complete the following:
2 people can work at a time (depending on the movement e.g. 1 hammer = 1 person working; Push-ups 2 can work)

100 Push-ups
100 Hammer strikes on tire
100 Sit-ups
100 Wall Ball
100 Squats
100 KB Swings
600m Sandbag run (all team members must run)
100 Pull-ups

MindBody Connect

Thanks to JenC’s suggestion, we encourage everyone if they are able to download (free) from their mobile phones this app.  It’s an easy way to sign up for classes.

Final Event Teach and Bacon OHS by KD Fox
CrossFit Games 2013 – Final Event with Teach and The Baconator
(photo c/o KD Fox)

“Finishing Strong” by Jim Kelly

I love telling a story, so here’s the beginning of another one.

“The Puzzle” was an exciting mechanism to relive such an exciting part of our CrossFit Regional journey. I’m now putting together the framework for writing about our Games trip and how it became a struggle and all the lessons learned. It’s a lot tougher to write about a 42nd place finish than a 2nd place finish, but it is important that everyone get a glimpse of how the week went and what we all can learn about the adventure in Cali. It wasn’t all a struggle. It was a joy. It was unparalleled competition. It was the World Championships and ACF13 was in the house.

I don’t think I will do a day-by-day recap. I will cover it in broader strokes, but still keep it fairly chronological.

The fundraising was incredible.

When facing an unexpected trip to California for a week, and the fact that none of my athletes were financially preparing for this “business trip”, the question “How?” comes up quickly. Lucky for us, we have such kind friends and family.

I appreciate, more than ever, the generosity of so many in our community (ACF and CrossFit in Houston and beyond). People who CrossFit, people who don’t…it doesn’t really matter. When people see excellence; when they can be part of something that is extraordinary; they step up. Over and over, for the weeks that followed the teams qualifying run in San Antonio, so many approached Grace and I about helping in so many ways…

I’m so glad Stephanie Last is on our team.

“Arnold” came to me in San Antonio and said, “I’m your fundraiser”. She has been through so many baseball fundraisers and other events as the “Team Mom” of three competitive boys, that her experience was crucial to being able to fund the team’s trip to California. She immediately began to coordinate with the other personalities in our group that have demonstrated the drive and commitment to see a good cause through. Khara and Katie, immediately jumped in with a swimming WOD to raise funds. Amber took the Garage Sale by the horns and generated a huge contribution. Arnold also hosted a wildly successful Live and Silent Auction at her house, with the help of Auctioneer Extraordinaire Tim.

So many generous people made it all possible (I wish I could name everyone)…the end result was nothing short of spectacular. Our goals were exceeded, and the team was able to bring a significant other to share this special experience. It was something that completely blew the team away, and they couldn’t be more thankful.

Each donation, every story behind that individual comes rushing back to me. I think about how this person grinds out WODs every day or simply, knows or loves someone who does; then looking in my eye, says “We love the team, now take them and make us proud”. Then, handing me whatever is doable, he or she walks away knowing it was a donation to a community that gives back in so many other ways; a proud member and supporter of Team ACF13. What an amazing start!

I still get goose bumps.

Training begins post regionals with a trip to Kempner High School. This is where CF Sugar Land (at the time) began to put down roots with Saturday workouts in the summer heat. It was neat to return 5 years later, as Atomic CrossFit with a team headed to California. Beth Spearman was there at Kempner in those early days and has been at ACF the whole time. Can’t say we saw this coming back then!

We began working on track times and a METCON that covered the entire football field. The WOD was tough, and the rest of the ACF competitive crew joined in to push team ACF13. It ended up with George crashed under the bleachers sipping Gatorade and me wondering if he needed an ambulance, but that’s normal for “The 1%”. He leaves it all out there.

This was our first of many training sessions leading up to the games. Designed to change the way looked at events, it was very different from the confines of the regional arena. Looking back…was it different enough?

So many boxes reached to and offered to help prepare the team in any way they could. Schedule conflicts usually were the hindrance here, but we were able to get out to CrossFit Elevate and Behemoth CrossFit (home of Games Competitor Aja Barto) for some great training. We can’t say thank you enough to these friends in the community.

We also hit the pool. Water events are now common at the games, and while the teams had yet to get in the water, we thought we’d better find out who floats and sinks…. Katie Daniels was made an honorary team coach for the pool events. She pushed the team, and only had to resuscitate Janet once…I think.

We had many challenges during our training cycle.

The team’s goals going into regionals were adjusted over the weeks leading up to competition. Initially, we wanted to make “Sunday” and not get cut. We were confident of hitting that goal, but in everyone’s mind we knew we had a shot at the podium, especially after the WODs were announced, and our practice times were so competitive with other regions. However, life went on and no one was planning on training all summer for the CFG.

Many of team had planned vacations that were paid for and could not be canceled. Panda spent the week before we flew in Mexico. We were all hoping he would come back without a case of dysentery or getting kidnapped. Luckily, he came back in good shape and without needing a ransom. Junior went on vacation too. We sent her pictures of sharks to keep her out of the ocean. I think it worked, because she came back with both of her legs.

Another challenge was the training schedule. Balancing real life and this fairy tale of competitive accomplishment was new to everyone. Media attention, interviews, fund raising, and the social element of representing the greatest box in Houston can impact the training schedule.

Training as a team for four months straight was a grind on the athletes\coaches and their families. All free time is at the box. It was an honor and a curse. The team was excited and yet growing weary. As the flight grew closer, anticipation was building and yet no team events had been announced. We all had butterflies. What waits for us in California?  To be continued…….

6 Responses to “Grounded to the Ground”

  1. Sex Panther

    Correction for weights…195-165-155-155 Great job Ryan, David and Elliot!!

  2. Paige H.

    Paige H./Audrey B./J-Mo/Balalah: 23:08 (10# -150 WB, 35#, 50#)

  3. MikeB

    Team: Napkin, MikeB, Ryan, and Professor
    175+245(PR)+185+225 = 830
    23:31 Rx+ (55# kb)

    Great working with these guys! Couldnt ask for a better group. Sorry for the slow up on the run(?) and thanks for pushing me!

    I like the new rig! Need more practice on the new pull-up bars and it was interesting to use the target instead of the wall for wall balls. Looking forward to the new wods when we use it.

    Great work today everyone!

  4. Southpaw

    Team Jammie, Lauren, Jake, Dianna, Renae: PC total 355# I think. Lauren & Renae both hit PRs, 🙂 & Jammie is still recovering from her wrist & did not do the PCs. It was best that way!!

    Our very diverse team comprised of 2 Young Guns, 1 individual female coming off an injury, & 2 super masters females (1 of them coming off an injury) is thrilled to report our score this way:

    27:16 (no hammer, 150 wall balls [10], 26 KB, 50#, Assist pull-ups) Everyone contributed according to their current strengths & abilities. It was beautiful to participate with such a hard working & eager team!

    Post wod hit the target with the wall ball, & took the sledge hammer to the big fat boy tire with Dianna & Mike B. since we didn’t get to do that during the wod. Felt great!

    Great job, everyone! Awesome class, Coach Jim, thanks!

  5. Dirty D

    glad I decided to show up today AND that Jim called me out.
    Great seeing everyone and to work with Southpaw again-BONUS
    Thanks to Beth and Jaimie I didn’t DNF the last round. WODlove.